Sony’s New Patent Hints at DualSense Controller With AI Prompts

Sony's upcoming controller could suggest you your next in-game move, just like your annoying gaming buddy

  • Sony reportedly working on a refined version of its DualSense controller.
  • The new DualSense may feature AI prompts, which will indicate the next possible move to players
  • Sony was granted a patent for its prompt-based controller.

Sony’s DualSense is often regarded as the best controller by the company, and is widely popular among gamers since its launch. Improvements such as the new design, haptic feedback, and comfortable grip made the DualSense a huge upgrade over the DualShock 4. But it looks like the future version of DualSense could include a strong element of artificial intelligence (AI).

Sony is reportedly working on a new version of its DualSense Controller with AI prompts, according to a report by GameRant, which has published the details. Keep in mind that the grand of a patent does not necessarily mean the company will develop the product, but gives insight into future product roadmaps.

The report notes that the controller will also show hints to players while playing games. Let’s look at Sony’s possible plans for its new DualSense Controller.

Sony’s New Patent Hints at Controller With AI Built-in

Sony’s new patent shows a more refined version of the DualSense controller. Documentation spotted by GameRant shows that the controller could be capable of predictive assistance, which can show the player some hints based on their in-game movements.

sony dualsense patent
Sony’s New Patent for a game controller with prompts

The controller could show suggestion prompts on the screen, and this would be based on analyzing the user’s game style and position. It could also light up buttons on the controller suggesting the next possible move to a user. The entire system may run on AI, which would train from the movements and game style of the user.

Patent images also show that the new controller could sport a display. Previously, Sony was also granted a patent for a controller with a display, which was said to be for the DualSense 2.

However, it is important to note that companies file for thousands of patents, and not all of them make it to the consumer markets. Although the DualSense 2 with a display makes sense, Sony may not actually do it. Sony launched the DualSense Controller almost 4 years ago, and is hence due for an upgrade.

Sony’s Big Plans for Its New Controller

PS5 DualSense adaptive haptic feedback

We have heard plenty about Sony’s upcoming game controller. Earlier patents show the controller may get detachable accessories that could be used for an external display or additional modules.

Users also speculate that Sony may implement a removable touchpad accessory for its controller. However, the idea appears not to fit well with traditional stick-based controllers.

Sony has been relatively silent about its product launches. The company recently launched the PlayStation 5 Slim which comes with a detachable drive. The new console is also slightly more compact, which reflects that Sony is actively looking to refine not just its upcoming products, but even the existing product lineup.

Sony has not yet announced any new controllers. But given the past timelines of the company and the rising number of news and patents, we can expect the DualSense 2 controller to launch by mid-next year.