Steam Adds Official PlayStation Controllers Support, Makes it Easier to Find Compatible Games

Steam has been showing Xbox compatible games for a long time. The support is finally available for PlayStation users too.

  • Steam has categorized games compatible with DualShock and DualSense controllers.
  • Steam will also show whether a game has full or partial controller support.
  • Steam has added controller filters in the search page to narrow down results.

Steam has been an Xbox-friendly client for a long time but the same is not true for PlayStation controller users. Finding games compatible with PlayStation controllers has never been a good experience. The situation is finally changing as Steam’s latest update brings official PlayStation controller support. It will work similarly to Xbox controllers and will make it easier for users to find compatible games.

PlayStation Controller-Supported Games on Steam

In the latest post shared on Steam Community, the team has announced Steam Library’s controller support feature has now been expanded to PlayStation controllers. This will cover both DualShock and DualSense controllers meant for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles respectively.

The update has resulted in a refreshed Controller-Friendly Hub. It is a dedicated hub on Steam that lists all the games compatible with controllers. It previously showed only Xbox controller-supported titles but you will now see filters for DualShock and DualSense as well. There is one filter called All Controllers that will list all games regardless of the controller type. By default, this page will show games compatible with the controller that you played with recently.

While visiting a particular game’s store page, Steam will also list the controllers the game is compatible with. It will further show whether the title has full or partial controller support. The team has added a Steam Input API category which shows over 200 different controllers that work well with the game.

Similarly, you will be able to check controller compatibility status in Steam search as well as Your Library section. If a particular recommends using a controller, the store will make that message clear to understand as well.

All in all, the latest Steam update makes it a lot easier to discover games that work well with the controller you have. It also helps you check the compatibility status of a title before you decide to purchase it. This will eliminate situations where you buy a game with excitement but controller incompatibility leaves you disappointed.

In other news, Valve has officially confirmed next-generation Steam Deck handheld console is under development. It will likely be called the Steam Deck 2 but is not expected to arrive for the next two to three years. The company wants the successor to be a generational increase which is why it will take its sweet time before the release. Its most recent release was the Steam Deck OLED which comes with a better OLED display panel. It also has a bigger battery claimed to be 30% to 50% better than the previous model.