Tecno Unveils Variable Aperture, Liquid Periscope Lens; to Debut in Phantom X Series

Tecno has announced the variable aperture and liquid periscope lens technologies at a Shanghai event.

  • Tecno will debut the Phantom X series of smartphones at the MWC 2024 event.
  • The upcoming smartphone will be the successor to Phantom X2 that launched back in 2022.
  • Tecno will equip the forthcoming devices with variable apertures and more.

Tecno has been trying to shed its ‘low-cost’ smartphone manufacturer tag by introducing foldable and clamshell smartphones. In a recently concluded Future lens event in Shanghai, China, Tecno has introduced three new technologies including variable aperture, according to GSMArena. This new camera technology will be seen in the upcoming Tecno Phantom X series smartphones, according to the report.

The company previously launched the Tecno Phantom V Fold smartphone at the MWC 2023 event. It had also launched the Tecno Phantom V Flip clamshell smartphone at an event in Singapore.

Tecno to Equip Upcoming Tecno Phantom X Series Smartphones with Variable Aperture

Tecno confirms that the forthcoming Phantom X series smartphones will sport variable apertures similar to other flagship smartphones. The Chinese smartphone OEM names its variable aperture technology as a W-shaped adjustable aperture.

The teaser video reveals that the technology is inspired by the eye of cuttlefish to capture photos in high backlight situations. The W-shaped physically adjustable aperture manages light and removes harsh light to produce high quality images.

Tecno also shares some pictures captured using the W-shaped physically adjustable aperture. However, the company has yet to reveal the camera sensor that captures high-quality photos in harsh light situations. Tecno claims that the W-shaped physically adjustable aperture differs entirely from existing variable aperture setups.

Tecno claims that its proprietary technology is more efficient with the combination of horizontal and vertical oriental slits to facilitate more light to pass through the sensor.

Tecno also revealed the industry’s first liquid telephoto macro lens within a periscope module at the Shanghai event. The periscope telephoto lens can capture macro photos by allowing the sensor to shift and shoot from the nearest focal lengths. Tecno uses voltage to adjust the lens’s curvature and move the sensor to near and far focal lengths.

The company reveals that liquid technology lets it equip smartphones with large sensors for macro photography. The new liquid technology is different from existing expensive motorized systems to shift the lens. Tecno uses a flexible gel-like material to move to different focal lengths.

It should be noted that typically ultrawide sensors have a broader perspective, which creates distortion and reduces the quality of the images. The periscope telephoto lens with a longer focal length that typically produces a better macro photos.

Tecno also debuted its Universal Tone technology, which is Tecno’s alternative to Google Real Tone. The Universal Tone technology can dynamically adapt to different skins with the AI-powered engines. Tecno uses three AI-powered engines to obtain the best output among the other pictures.

The technology works with the help of a colour spectral matrix based on 3D image tone mapping and many different AI algorithms. The combination of various technologies helps the final output to look more natural. Tecno also equips the technology with a local-tuning engine to produce better images.

Sony Semiconductor Mobile Imaging executives were also present at Tecno’s event, revealing the collaboration between both brands. Tecno will likely debut the upcoming Phantom X series smartphones by incorporating these technologies at the forthcoming MWC event.