Top 10 Mobile or Smartphone Brands in India 2023: Price, Specifications, Features and More

Ever wondered what are the top smartphone brands in India? Find out here!


The introduction of smartphones has entirely changed the way we communicate. From making calls to sending WhatsApp messages, smartphones are keeping us hooked for hours. In India, millions are dependent on smartphones for business, education, entertainment, and connectivity. Keeping this in focus, many companies penetrated India. Today, India has the second-largest smartphone market in the world. Thanks to cheap internet data packs, It is now ever-growing. This sets the competition for smartphone brands in India very high. Now you must be thinking about the best mobile phone brand in India for you. Don’t worry! In this article, we’re providing you with the best mobile phone brands in India.

Best Mobile Brands In India (2023)

Every year, the demand for a particular brand increase or decrease depending on the quality, after-sales service, and much more.

As per the report of IDC (a research agency), below is the table indicating the smartphone market share of the Indian market in the year 2023.

Brands 2Q23 Market Share
1. Vivo 16%
2. Samsung 15%
3. realme 12%
4. OPPO 11%
5. Xiaomi 11%
6. OnePlus 7%
7. Apple 5%
8. Poco 5%
9. Tecno 3%
10. Infinix 3%
Others 8%
Total 100%


Apple logo

The first is Apple.

Always known for its high-quality devices, Apple successfully managed to grab a small percentage of elite people and tech enthusiasts in the country.

With a 5% market share in the Indian market, Apple is growing its business in India by introducing its stores and even manufacturing units under the government scheme of “Make in India“.

Still, a large percentage of people have yet to experience its devices. The quality of the product including, the processor, camera, speakers, display and brand image makes it highly expensive.

Also, Apple’s operating system iOS provides users with a smooth and unmatched user experience. This gives the brand more control over the operation of their smartphone.

This collectively made Apple a dominant smartphone brand in the premium segment.

Innovations from the brand:

  • App Library
  • Mac OS X
  • Apple Pencil
  • macOS Big Sur
  • watchOS 7

Estimated Price Range: Rs 50,000 – Rs 1,75,000/- (smartphones)

Best selling Apple smartphones


Samsung logo

Samsung is the second-best mobile brand in India.

With a share of 15% in the Indian market, Samsung is facing tough competition in the Indian smartphone market.

It is also the top 5G brand.

Indians have been purchasing smartphones from South Koreans for over a decade. Samsung successfully understood the prime demand of Indian consumers and provided fantastic mid to high-range smartphones.

Amazing display, better battery life, high-end processor, crisp camera, and fair price were some of the major demands for the Indians. Brand fulfilled it.

Talking about the most popular range from this brand, then it is the Galaxy M and A series.

Innovations from the brand:

  • S Pen
  • Biometric Authentication
  • Samsung Knox
  • AMOLED Displays
  • IP68 Dust and Water Resistance
  • Foldable and flippable smartphones

Estimated Price Range: Rs 1500 – Rs 1,50,000/- (smartphones)

Best selling Samsung smartphones


Vivo logo

Vivo is the next on this list.

With a share of 16% in the Indian market, Vivo is doing well in the innovation and sales category.

Owned and operated by its parent company BBK Electronics Corporation Limited, the company is a China-based brand.

By offering amazing hardware including a great camera, RAM, GPU, and excellent storage at a mid-range price, Vivo managed to grab a lot of consumers.

Additionally, its first pop-up front camera, detachable camera, and in-display fingerprint sensor made the company among the most popular mobile brands in India.

According to user reviews, it is excellent for gaming due to its large RAM and internal storage.

Innovations from the brand:

  • Vivo’s Fingerprint Sensor (the world’s first in-display fingerprint scanner)
  • Revolutionary Photochromic Technology
  • 3D Ultrasonic Large Fingerprint Sensor Technology
  • Pop-up front camera

Estimated Price Range: Rs 7000 – Rs 85000 (smartphones)

Best-selling Vivo smartphones


realme logo

realme is the next best mobile brand on this list.

With 12% of its share in the Indian market, realme is known for its affordable smartphones in the Indian market. The main reason for its affordability is the same Chinese giant BBK Electronics.

realme is becoming a strong brand in the European and Asian markets as well.

It also offers smart TVs, smartwatches, earphones, bags, electric toothbrushes, etc.

One interesting fact about realme is: that it owns both Oppo and Vivo, the other two major smartphone brands in India.

So, collectively BBK Electronics owns the highest share of the China-made smartphones market in India.

Innovations from the brand:

  • Quick Launch
  • Smart Sidebar
  • Smooth Screen Recording
  • Flexible Windows
  • Simple Mode

Estimated Price Range: Rs 6,699- Rs 42,999/- (smartphones)

Best selling realme smartphones


Xiaomi logo

Xiaomi is another prominent mobile brand on this list.

With 11% of its share in the Indian market, the company once dominated the Indian smartphone market as a top-selling brand.

The main reason was its smartphones being cheap.

Xiaomi provided high-end spec-oriented smartphones at cheap prices.

The majority of people in India prefer cheap phones, and Xiaomi knew this.

Not only this, Xiaomi is known for providing cheap yet high-quality devices such as laptops, smartwatches, cameras, mopping robots, etc.

Also, the service centres are across the country. So, after-sales service is not a problem.

Innovations from the brand:

  • Super Macro Shots
  • Back Tap Facility
  • Horizontal or Vertical Recent Apps
  • Revoke the Authorization
  • Hyper Charging Ability

Estimated Price Range: Rs 6299 – Rs 69999/- (smartphones)

Best-selling Xiaomi smartphones


Oppo logo

Oppo earned a 6th spot on this list with an 11% market share in the Indian mobile market (tie with Xiaomi).

This Chinese brand is one of the biggest smartphone brands in the world. Known for its Camera quality, the Oppo smartphone clicks one of the best pictures.

With the launch of Oppo smartphones, the brand also introduced cameras with AI-enhanced technology and facial recognition with the help of 3D structured light technology.

Also, Oppo phones are usually equipped with high-end specifications.

Innovations from the brand:

  • Ultra Steady Video
  • OPPO Relax
  • Hybrid Zoom
  • ColorOS
  • Digital Wellbeing Controls

Estimated Price Range: Rs 6,999 to Rs 1,34,999/- (smartphones)

Best selling Oppo smartphones


OnePlus logo

OnePlus is next with a 7% market share in the Indian market.

It is also owned by BBK Electronics, making it a part of the Chinese smartphone brand team.

Once giving tough competition to giants like Samsung and Apple, the company managed to serve customers with high-quality smartphones, along with high-end specs at competitive prices.

The processor and camera quality at the price ranges they were providing, no one stood near at that particular time (especially the initial days).

Now, the brand is also expanding in the category of other devices. Such as smart TVs, fitness trackers, earbuds, etc.

Innovations from the brand:

  • Spatial Audio
  • Special Protection Plans
  • Dynamic Homeland Always-on Display
  • Extended Android Updates
  • Anamorphic Design

Estimated Price Range: Rs 20,000- Rs 70,000/- (smartphones)

Best selling OnePlus smartphones


Poco logo

With a 5% market share in the Indian market, Poco is the next best mobile brand in India.

The brand’s smartphones were some of the most sold online smartphones in the nation. It usually stays at the top of the e-commerce website, Flipkart.

Talking about its objective, Poco delivers some of the best low-cost 5G smartphones across the country.

It is also expanding in markets like Europe, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and some Southeast Asian nations.

Innovations from the brand:

Due to the new brand (as earlier was part of Xiaomi until 17 January 2020), nothing significant so far.

Estimated Price Range: Rs 5,499 – Rs 33,999/- (smartphones)

Best-selling Poco smartphones


Tecno logo

Tecno holds the next spot on this list with a 3% share in the Indian market.

It’s another Chinese smartphone brand, based in Shenzhen, China. Originally established in 2006, the company did well.

The brand is a subsidiary of Transsion Holdings.

Because it is China-made, the brand is selling affordable smartphones in the Indian market.

Good hardware and cheap prices are the main reasons for sales.

Tecno is also focusing on the Middle East, African, Southeast Asian, South Asian, Latin American, and Eastern European markets for expansion.

Innovations from the brand:


Estimated Price Range: Rs 6,098 – Rs 88,888/- (smartphones)

Best-selling Tecno smartphones


Infinix logo

At last, Infinix is in the 10th spot with a 3% market share in the Indian market.

The company is a Chinese mobile brand similar to Tecno, a subsidiary of Transsion Holdings.

The brand is doing well in terms of providing affordable smartphones with good hardware in the Indian market.

Infinix manufactures its mobile in different countries, such as South Korea, France, China, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Egypt.

Innovations from the brand:


Estimated Price Range: Rs 5,579 – Rs 29,999/- (smartphones)

Best-selling Infinix smartphones


Which is the best mobile brand in India?

As per the sales or market share, the best mobile brand in India is Vivo.

Which is the most innovative mobile brand in India?

There’s a tie between Apple and Vivo. Both of these brands excel in innovation.

Which mobile brand in India offers the best after-sales service?

Oppo is the No. 1 brand in terms of high customer satisfaction in after-sales service in India.

Which mobile brand has the best resale value in India?

The global leader Apple’s mobiles have the best resale value in India.

Which is India’s first mobile company?

Essar Cellphones was the India’s first mobile company.