Twitter CEO Elon Musk Shares Internal Data Highlighting Growth and Upcoming Features


Twitter has been in the news for the most part of the year. Following billionaire Elon Musk’s takeover, the microblogging site is witnessing a major revamp to pursue a profitable path. Musk fired a majority of Twitter employees worldwide and cut down on most of the company’s expenses and benefits. Calling it Twitter 2.0, Musk also wants the platform to provide “more power to the people. The Tesla CEO, who also owns SpaceX, is actively working with whatever and whoever remains at Twitter to bring more revenue and users onboard.

Musk has regularly posted updates following various meetings with his team members and staff. After the latest meeting, a new Elon Musk tweet reveals some interesting insights while teasing some of the upcoming features.

Twitter 2.0: What’s Happening or About to Happen?

Elon Musk has shared slides that were presented during his company’s internal meeting. The slides suggest significant improvements and insights. For starters, since the changes introduced by Musk, the company has witnessed an all-time high when it comes to new sign-ups. The company claims to have about 2 million sign-ups per day. On a year-on-year (YoY) basis, that’s about 66 per cent growth.

Users are also more active on the platform than ever. According to the internal data shared by Musk, users are spending 8 billion active minutes on the platform on a daily basis. Twitter also introduced its new Twitter Blue subscription service, which provides many features including the verified badge for $8. The service, among others, has led to the monetisable monthly active users crossing the 25 crore mark.

Musk also revealed that hate speech on the platform is at an all-time low. Following the launch of Twitter Blue, several miscreants tried impersonating popular personalities and brands, which caused mayhem on the platform. This resulted in Twitter pausing new intakes for its subscription service. Musk revealed that the first phase of the new Blue service led to about 9,000 impersonation reports till November 10. However, the company has worked on reducing that, following which the average reports are around 2,500.

Moving on to what’s next. Musk wants Twitter to be an everything app. Advertising is one of the major streams of revenue for any platform and Musk wants the company to bring more advertisers on board. The company is also working on introducing new video features that will help users spend more time and even engage with others on the platform. Previously, Musk spoke about reviving the now-dead Vine app, which was a short video app.

Another feature that might arrive soon on Twitter is long-form tweets. Currently, the app allows users to post about 240 characters in a tweet and create a thread. There is no word on how the company plans to implement the long-form tweets feature. It could be possible that the service limits tweets to 240 characters and for longer tweets, it might open a window which opens the post in the form of a notes-like app.

Musk is also working on encrypted DMs for Twitter. The Twitter CEO has made it clear that the platform wants to prioritise user privacy and security, for which he even connected with Signal’s CEO. What are your thoughts on the new Twitter? Are you finding the revamp interesting enough to spend more time on the app? Let us know in the comments below.