More Than a Device, It’s a Statement: The Premium V30 series Commands Attention with Unmatched Power and Aesthetic Brilliance

Not many smartphones in India can hold their own in aesthetics, camera, and performance departments. If you want a stunning-looking handset to make a statement, you may have to cut some corners in areas and vice versa. However, the V series from vivo was launched to turn this stereotype around on its head and succeeded in doing so as well.

The latest vivo V30 series upholds the same reputation as the V series with a package intended to combine power and panache in every detail. Not only does it come with the slim profile that the V series is known for but also offers India-specific colours and a spec sheet to meet the Indian consumers’ requirements. In this piece, we will delve into what makes the vivo V30 series a perfect style icon in the smartphone industry.

Colours That Capture The Spirit of India

The vivo V30 series caters to the Indian aesthetic sensibilities with three India-inspired hues. It’s about time that brands move beyond the standard greys, whites, and blacks to fit the Indian taste in colours. The vivo V30 series, including the signature V30 and V30 Pro, are both offered in colours inspired by Indian terrain and fauna.

vivo is offering the Pro variant in two colourways called Classic Black and Andaman Blue. Whereas the V30 comes in Peacock Green, Black, and Aqua options. The Andaman Blue and Peacock Green colours are the standout variants in the lineup because of the India-specific paint job.

Vivo V30 Pro Colour Options MySmartPrice

The Andaman Blue colourway has been inspired by the majestic hues of the shores of Andaman and Nicobar Islands and has been designed to capture the vibrant spirit of the oceans. The aqua hue of the variant reveals a sparkling water ripple pattern when light hits it, which resembles the hues of the Indian Ocean.

On the other hand, the Peacock Green shade captures the spirit of the plumage of India’s national bird. This variant has a stunning blue and green sheen that’s inspired by the feathers of the beautiful bird. If you are looking for a smartphone that adheres to Indian aesthetics, the V30 series is without a doubt the best-looking devices on the market.

Sleek-Yet-Sturdy Design

The latest smartphones come with the unmistakable DNA of the V series, which is a slim and sleek profile that not only enhances the aesthetics but also offers an ergonomic hand feel to the user. The vivo V30 series models are the slimmest smartphones in India in 2024 so far. Typically slim is always correlated with fragility but that’s not the case here.

Relying on its expertise over multiple generations of V series, the brand has produced state-of-the-art design and engineering in the form of the V30 and V30 Pro. These smartphones are comfortable to hold for a longer duration and also ooze elegance, all this without cutting corners when it comes to performance.

The V30 series smartphones feature a protective shell with cushioning materials and a stress-conduction structure. In simpler terms, when the phone is dropped, the impact is dispersed and absorbed by the frame and does not reach the electric components inside.

vivo has also put the new devices through various simulations to spot the vulnerable spots and seal them with adhesive to protect vital electronic components like batteries and cameras to protect them against natural elements.

A Stunning 3D Curved Display

If your smartphone looks like a million bucks but the display is dull, the entire look goes for the toss. It seems that this fact is not lost on vivo since both V30 and V30 Pro come with stunning displays. From the curved glass to the AMOLED panels, the screens of these handsets have been designed to complement the stunning aesthetics through and through.

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Both vivo V30 and V30 Pro are equipped with 3D curved displays with the edges seamlessly merging into the sides. The curved panel lends a sophisticated and elegant appearance to the whole package. Moreover, the display offers stunning visuals with a buttery smooth 120Hz refresh rate for a great visual experience as well. Sunlight legibility is not an issue either with the local peak brightness of 2800 nits. And all of this gorgeousness is protected by a layer of Schott Xensation α glass.

The Slimmest Smartphone With a 5,000mAh Battery

As mentioned earlier as well, the vivo V30 and V30 Pro are the slimmest smartphones in India in 2024 till now. And these devices do not compromise on the power and performance either. The brand is known for offering flagship-level hardware in the slimmest possible chassis and the new launches are no different.

The latest V series phones from the brand are also the slimmest phones in 2024 in India with a massive 5,000mAh battery. Moreover, the V30 series also boasts the largest battery capacity since the launch of the V and V Pro series almost a decade ago.


It’s clear by now that the latest V30 series is an attention-catching smartphone that will last you for a substantial duration of time as well. With assured peace of mind along with colours that are designed for the Indian audience in mind, it does not get better than this. Moreover, it’s not just about aesthetics with the latest V30 series. They also flaunt a smorgasbord of user-focused features from an immersive display, and impressive battery, to powerful cameras and software.