Xiaomi’s Whopping 120W Fast Charger Spotted on 3C Certification Website

Xiaomi's upcoming 120W fast charger has recently received the 3C certification, thereby hinting that a device might soon make use of the whopping fast charging.


The rumors surrounding Xiaomi coming up with its 120W fast charging technology this year are nothing new in the market and we have been hearing about it for quite a while now. The company is expected to make its 120W fast charging technologies commercially available by the end of this year. While we can’t help but wait for the brand to provide us with an official intel on the whopping charging speed, we have recently been able to spot a new 120W fast charger by Xiaomi on the 3C certification website, which means the actual launch might not be too far from now. Take a look at the 3C certification for the 120W fast charger from Xiaomi and find out what it has in store for us.

Xiaomi 120W fast charger certified; launch might be imminent

Xiaomi 120W Charger (MDY-12-ED) 3C

As seen in the 3C certification authority image, a new Xiaomi charger (with the model number Xiaomi MDY-12-ED) has received the certification recently with a whopping 120W fast charging support (20Vdc, 6A max). The certification does not tell us anything about the device which could potentially utilize this fast charger first, but we certainly won’t have to wait for too long and the company will most likely make some announcement about it soon, now since the charger and the 120W charging technology has been certified. The best guess is that Xiaomi’s future Mi Mix lineup of smartphones might come with support for 120W fast charging support. And, perhaps, there is a chance that the flagship Mi series of smartphones could come with this fast a charging.

For now, this is pretty much all the intel that we have surrounding Xiaomi’s upcoming 120W fast charger, but we will keep a track on the same and keep you posted on the same in the future as well. What are your thoughts on the Xiaomi 120W fast charger? Which device, according to you, could make use of this fast charging technology? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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