YouTube Playables In-App Games Now Available For All Premium Users: Here’s How to Play

Now, you can play mobile games without leaving YouTube.

  • Playable games are available on Android, iOS, and web.
  • YouTube Playables is available exclusively to Premium subscribers.
  • Playable has a few popular titles like Angry Birds, Brain Out, and Color Burst.

YouTube Premium subscription has various perks like an ad-free viewing experience, background play, and on-demand music streaming. One interesting perk is early access to some of the features under development. The team is working on Playables in-app mobile games to keep users engaged. This new feature is now available to all YouTube Premium subscribers for a limited time. Here is how you can enable it and play free mobile games.

How to Play YouTube Playables Games?

YouTube Playables is a dedicated section of mobile games that can be played without downloading or installation. These are instant mobile games that can be played directly from the YouTube website and smartphone applications. The goal is to keep users engaged on the platform when they are not in the mood to watch videos.

In order to play YouTube Playables games, you will need to be a Premium subscriber. The next step is to visit the YouTube experimental feature page and click the Try it out button next to the Playables feature. The feature is available on Android, iOS, and website until March 28. Once enabled, you are good to go.

Visit the YouTube Playables page on the desktop to browse instant mobile games. It has two sections: Home and Browse. The first one lists popular titles and the second one has a complete list of games. Some popular games include Angry Birds Showdown, Brain Out,, and Color Burst. You have mobile games spread across different genres like puzzle, sports, arcade, RPG & strategy, Action, and Board.

On Android and iOS, you will need to scroll down your home feed a bit to find the Playables section. Click on the game you like to start playing. The section currently has a total of 37 instant mobile games. These games maintain a personal leaderboard for you to track your best score. Some also provide basic settings like the ability to turn the volume on or off.

It is quite possible YouTube may introduce more titles in the future. If there is a good enough response during the experimental release, YouTube may decide to release it for everyone but we will have to wait for the time being.

In other news, YouTube is currently busy fighting ad blockers with the goal of convincing users to become Premium subscribers. It has begun stopping video playback for users who have an ad blocker turned on. The company says users either need to disable ad blockers or pay for the premium subscription to keep watching videos. It recently also confirmed slowing down video playback for users with ad blockers.