Zomato Intercity Legends: What is it and How to Order Your Favourite Dishes from Intercity Legends

Zomato stated that it will launch the pilot project first in Gurgaon and parts of South Delhi.


Zomato, one of India’s leading food delivery platforms, is looking for several new ways to increase its range and scope of service across the country. The company is now reportedly planning to introduce a new subscription service after discontinuing Zomato Pro and Pro Plus. Zomato has now also confirmed that it will launch a new pilot project to deliver unique food items from any city in India to different parts of the country. Titled “The love for food knows no boundaries”, the blog post by Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal highlights how the company plans to make its new intercity food delivery pilot project work.

Let’s take a look at the new Zomato intercity food delivery project details and how consumers can order food from different cities.

What is Zomato Intercity Legends? 

Zomato is calling its new pilot project Intercity Legends. The new pilot project will allow customers to order dishes from any city in India right from their homes. As per the company, users will be able to order their favourite dishes from different cities with its Intercity Legends programme. One can simply order “legendary dishes like baked rosogollas from Kolkata, biryani from Hyderabad, Mysore Pak from Bengaluru, kebabs from Lucknow, butter chicken from Old Delhi, or pyaaz kachori from Jaipur.”

How the Food is Delivered Via Zomato Intercity Legends?

Zomato also revealed the overall order process and how the order will reach customers. The company stated that it would use its vast network of restaurant partners and delivery partners, deep understanding of food technology and insights into what customers love to deliver food from any city to their homes the next day. 

Through the blog post, the company’s CEO also ensured quality assurance even if the food is being delivered from one city to another. “Our mission statement binds us to ensure that health and safety are uncompromised at any point. All types of dishes have undergone lab testing to ensure that the aroma, texture, and taste remain of high quality,” the blog post read.

The food will be freshly prepared by the restaurant and packed in reusable and tamper-proof containers to keep it safe during air transit. “State-of-the-art mobile refrigeration technology” will be used to preserve the food without the need to freeze it or add any kind of preservatives, the company added. Once the food is delivered, users can microwave, air-fry, or pan-fry the food, just like any other dish out of the refrigerator.

How to Order food using Zomato Intercity Legends?

Zomato Intercity Legends is currently available for select customers. This is primarily because the programme is in a pilot phase. One can expect it to be available for a larger audience in the coming weeks. So, if you are one of the lucky customers who got access to Zomato Intercity Legends, here’s how you can order it:

  1. Open the Zomato application on your Android or iOS device.
  2. If you are a part of the programme, you will see the section of Intercity Legends on the home page.
  3. Click on this section and then click on the city from where you want to order the food.
  4. Now select the iconic restaurants and select the items you want to get delivered to your doorstep.
  5. Once done, proceed with the payment.
  6. With this, you will get the order within 24 hours of ordering.

Who Can Use Intercity Legends?

Zomato stated that it would launch the pilot project first in Gurgaon and parts of South Delhi as of now. However, the company has revealed that it will expand the service to every nook and corner of the country. “With over 100 airports and a rich spread of the most iconic dishes that India has to offer, the sky is the limit to how big Intercity Legends can become,” the company stated.

List of Cities from Where One Can Food using Zomato Intercity Legends

In its blog post, the company has already revealed that customers who have access to Zomato Intercity Legends can order food from different cities. One can order baked roshogollas from Kolkata, biryani from Hyderabad, butter chicken from Old Delhi, and more. Here’s a list of cities from which you can order the iconic dishes:

  • Delhi
  • Kolkata
  • Bengaluru
  • Hyderabad
  • Lucknow
  • Jaipur
  • Mathura
  • Chennai
  • Agra
  • Bhubaneswar

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much time will take to deliver the order from Zomato Intercity Legends?

The company has revealed that customers will be able to enjoy the iconic foods from different cities within 24 hours.

How does the food reach me via Zomato Intercity Legends?

Zomato has revealed that the food is freshly prepared by the restaurant and is packed in reusable and tamper-proof containers. The package is then delivered to your city via flight and will reach your doorstep, all within 24 hours.