1MORE Triple Driver Earphones Long-Term Review


1MORE is one of the newer audio brands that has received recognition with the help of earphones that offer good audio and build quality with respect to their pricing. In the past, we have reviewed 1MORE Dual Driver (Review) and 1MORE iBFree Bluetooth (Review) earphones. Now, it’s time for us to give our verdict on the company’s more expensive earphones, the 1MORE Triple Driver Earphones.

1More Triple Driver Earphones


Design & Comfort


Audio Quality


Value For Money


What Is Good?

  • Excellent audio quality with a relatively balanced sound signature.
  • Good build quality and comfort.
  • In-line music controls and microphone that work with Android and iOS.
  • Premium packaging and plenty of bundled accessories.
  • Value for money.

What Is Bad?

  • None, really.

They were launched at a price of INR 8,999, but they’re currently being sold for just INR 6,999. They compete with the likes of the FiiO F9 SE, Klipsch R6i, Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear, Shure SE215, and the RHA MA390. Over the past few months, we had a chance to extensively use 1MORE Triple Driver Earphones and here are our thoughts about them.

1MORE Triple Driver Earphones Features

1More Triple Driver Earphones Default Ear Tips

two balanced armatures for mid-range and high-end frequencies, While a dynamic driver is used For low-end frequencies.

The 1MORE Triple Driver Earphones are wired and have in-ear canal shaped earbuds with a premium build. It has three drivers on each side, an in-line microphone, and a three-button remote for music and volume controls. The three drivers include two balanced armatures for mid-range and high-end frequencies, and a dynamic driver is used to reproduce low-end frequencies. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. These earphones are also capable of playing back Hi-Res audio and are THX certified.

1MORE Triple Driver Earphones Bundled Accessories

1More Triple Driver Earphones Bundled Accessories Ear Tips Leather Case Airplane Adapter

It comes with a premium packaging which we don’t see in most earphones in its price range.

It comes with a premium packaging which we don’t see in most earphones in its price range. The packaging consists of nine pairs of ear tips (six pair of silicon ear tips and three memory foam ear tips), a premium leather case, a shirt clip, and a dual-plug to be used with in-flight entertainment systems. There’s a specific version of the earphones for iPhones with a Lightning connector, but it costs more.

1MORE Triple Driver Earphones Design & Comfort

1MORE Triple Driver’s have a premium yet subtle design and it comes in two colors: Gold and Titanium (more like silver). Its earbud enclosures are made out of metal and the cable is of higher quality. The earbuds are angled, marked clearly (for left and right) and fit snugly into ears and I never had any problem in terms of comfort. They stick out of ears slightly, so people might not be able to sleep comfortably with these earphones in their ears. I listened to these earphones for hours on a stretch but never felt uncomfortable or had any issues with the fit. You should use memory foam ear tips for better noise isolation. Overall, I found the noise isolation and fit to be excellent.

They fit snugly into ears and I never had any problem in terms of comfort.

1More Triple Driver Earphones Slightly Sticking Out Of Ears

The cable uses two different materials: braided fabric material and rubber-like material. From the 3.5mm plug (which is protected in a metal casing) to the Y-shaped splitter, the cable is wrapped in braided fabric material, but from the Y splitter to the earbuds, the cable is wrapped in a slightly ordinary and cheaper feeling rubber-like material. For some reason, the braided fabric material tangles but not so much that you’ll have issues with them. There’s very little noise when they rub against clothes. There’s no option to use interchangeable cables because these earphones lack MMCX connectors, something FiiO and Shure offer. One small point of concern is the slight rattling sound from the in-line remote’s buttons, which are made of plastic. If you want even better build quality, you should consider slightly more costly 1MORE Quad-Driver Earphones.

1MORE Triple Driver Earphones Audio Quality

1More Triple Driver Earphones Comfort

1MORE Triple Drivers are tuned by Grammy Award winner sound engineer Luca Bignardi. These earphones have a relatively balanced sound signature, but they’re not completely flat. There’s a slightly warm signature to it so that it doesn’t throw away those users who like bass. That’s how I personally like my earphones to be. 1MORE Triple Drivers sound really good, overall. Sound is detailed and even tracks with multiple instruments don’t sound muddy. I could hear each instrument relatively clearly. I’ve read that the company’s Quad Driver Earphones reproduce even more detailed and spacious sound, but I still need to listen to them to know how better they’re compared to the Triple Drivers. I also tested more popular music tracks, including tracks from Bollywood, pop, and hip-hop genres using the Triple Drivers and almost everything sounds really well.

1MORE Triple Drivers sound really good for a wide range of music genres.

While low-end frequencies reproduced by Triple Drivers aren’t as hard-hitting as some earphones made by Beats, Sony, or V-Moda Forza for bass lovers, I think low-end frequencies sound pretty damn good (tight and accurate). There’s enough oomph to make you happy, especially if you manage to get a tight seal with any one of the bundled ear tips. If you’re not a basshead, you should go with earphones which go well with a wide variety of genre and that’s exactly why I like Triple Drivers. Vocals sound really clear and natural. High-end frequencies are where these earphones might not surprise you. It’s nothing bad but it’s not great either. You can get better sounding earphones which do well with high frequencies but they cost much more than the Triple Drivers.

When it comes to soundstage, it’s nowhere are as good as offered by open back headphones, but it is still better than most earphones I’ve tested in the same price range as that of the Triple Drivers.

Should You Buy 1MORE Triple Driver Earphones?

There’s very little to not like about the 1MORE Triple Drivers. They are well-made and look sophisticated. Yes, they don’t have MMCX connectors, but you’ll rarely find earphones that do offer interchangeable cables in this price range. They work well with Android as well as iOS devices and come with a premium packaging and a bunch of high-quality accessories.

There’s very little to not like about the 1MORE Triple Drivers.

They sound really well, especially for their price and it will be hard for anyone to find earphones that sound better and offer such good build quality. They fit well, sound excellent with a wide range of music genres, and have good sound staging. For anyone considering to buy in-ear earphones under INR 10,000, 1MORE Triple Drivers should be at the top of your list. If you want earphones with MMCX connectors in the same price range, you should have a look at FiiO F9 Pro and Shure SE215.