ACT Fibernet ‘Work From Home’ Offer Extended Till April 2020: Free 300Mbps Speed Upgrade, Unlimited Data


Update on April 1, 2020: ACT Fibernet has now extended the Work from Home offer all the way up to April 30, 2020. Users will get to experience 300Mbps speeds without any data capping until the end of the offer. Below is the promotional image for your reference:

ACT Fibernet Work from Home Offer


ACT Fibernet ‘Work From Home’ Offer Gives Free 300Mbps Speed Upgrade, Unlimited Data for March 2020

The Coronavirus threat has taken a huge hit in almost all industries lately. Smartphone companies like Realme and Xiaomi have had to cancel their on-ground launch events owing to the Coronavirus outbreak. To support work from home culture, which could potentially minimize Coronavirus risk, ACT Fibernet recently announced that it will upgrade the speeds of its broadband subscribers in India to as high as 300Mbps so that they can work from home. Not only that, the telco is offering an unlimited Fair Usage Policy (FUP). All of this is applicable to ACT Fibernet customers until March 31, 2020. Take a look at the recent ACT Fibernet announcement.

ACT Fibernet Users Will Enjoy Unlimited Data Usage at 300Mbps Until March 31, 2020

ACT Fibernet recently took to Twitter to break the news to its subscribers. “Feel the work from home advantage! To enhance your work efficiency at home due to the present scenario, we are upgrading your speeds to 300 Mbps* and providing you unlimited FUP for March 2020 at NO EXTRA COST.” the tweet reads. Though the Tweet does not explicitly say anything about this move being a result of the Coronavirus threat, it is certainly aimed at the same. Below is the tweet for reference:

To make use of the upgraded speed and unlimited data, ACT Fibernet users need to log on to the company’s official app on their smartphones and upgrade their speeds from the app. Furthermore, they can avail unlimited FUP from within the app itself. The company has promised that the announced benefits will be effective in pan-India. Customers making use of low-speed entry-level plans will also receive a bump-up speed of 100Mbps as part of the initiative.

All this is to necessitate an effective workflow even while the employees are not able (or not suggested) to work in the offices. Readers must be made aware that it is not only the Indian companies that are encouraging their employees to follow this safe practice, global technology giants such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft are also constantly recommending their employees to do the same.

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India’s health ministry is trying to keep everyone up to date with information surrounding the disease. As part of the initiative, the default caller tunes on BSNL and Reliance Jio networks have been charged with a pre-recorded Coronavirus awareness message. We would also expect and suggest to our readers that they treat the Coronavirus outbreak seriously and take as much precaution as possible.

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