Amazon Customer Buys PlayStation 5 and Ends Up Receiving Set of Bluetooth Speakers; Files Complaint

A customer from Amazon reported that he had received a pair of Bluetooth speakers instead of PlayStation 5.

  1. An Amazon customer who pre-ordered PS5 Ragnarok Edition received a set of Bluetooth speakers instead of the gaming console.
  2. The customer shared the video of the package when it was delivered and unboxed.
  3. The user reached out to Amazon for help and got a response to wait for three days.


Imagine purchasing a PlayStation 5 for launch day, impatiently awaiting its arrival, and then opening its box to find a Bluetooth speaker. A PS5 fan had presumably purchased the PS5 Ragnarok bundle during the 7 February restock from Amazon India. Reddit user checknmater reported receiving a set of Bluetooth speakers instead of the pre-ordered PS5 Ragnarok combo on the ps5india subreddit.

Several other Amazon customers have experienced similar situations while taking the delivery of the console. A Twitter user reported receiving a fake Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales PS5 disc from Amazon. The Amazon user who received Bluetooth speakers instead of PlayStation 5 has contacted Amazon with their concern.

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Amazon PlayStation 5 customer receives Bluetooth Speakers instead of a console

The Reddit user claimed that he had pre-ordered the PS5 God of War Ragnarok edition on Amazon on 7 February 2023, 12:00 PM. The post read that the console was sold by Kay Kay Overseas Corporation. They further say that Amazon shipped the device under the name Electronics Bazar Store. 

He went on to say that he recorded the package while being delivered and also unboxed the package. The user also shared the recorded video with the audience. The package contains two Bluetooth speakers taped together so that it resembles the PS5 box. When the consumer reached out for help from Amazon, they stated that they will examine the matter and get back to the customer within three days.

The Reddit user requested other potential PS5 buyers to avoid purchasing the gaming console from sellers like Kay Kay Overseas Corporation and Electronics Bazar Store. He also updated the post with another situation where some customer claims to have gotten a used PS4 Pro 1TB from Kay Kay Overseas and has been told by Amazon support to wait three days while they examine the problem. It is unknown whether Amazon will issue a refund or replace the order.

This is not the first time that users received wrong or fake items from Amazon upon ordering PlayStation 5. Several users earlier reported that they have received even toys, cat food, and simply nothing at all. During the last restock, Sony claimed that they had imported the biggest number of consoles to India since the launch of PlayStation 5. It is unclear where the mistake has taken place and the user has to wait for a response from Amazon.

The next PS5 restock in India is scheduled to take place on 22 February, 12 PM onwards. The PS5 Ragnarok edition will be available for a price of Rs 59,390 during the sale. Players can pre-order the gaming console online from the following platforms:

It is better to buy PlayStation 5 from local retail stores to avoid situations like these. The PS5 was recently available for purchase at the Mumbai Comic Con and the Indian Gaming Fair in Delhi. Several PlayStation fans have also begun to see the PS5 at local retail outlets.

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