Apex Legends Mobile Launched in India: All You Need to Know About Download Size, In-App Purchases, More


Apex Legends Mobile is finally here and fans can now head to the Google Play Store (for Android) or the App Store (for iOS) and download the game. Those who pre-registered for the title will have access to a number of rewards in-game such as the Sunfire Initiate – Epic Skin and “Become Legendary” Holospray.

Apex Legends Mobile is the latest offering from Respawn Entertainment and Tencent and is a wholly independent title built from the ground up. Mobile optimizations include a new third-person mode which allows players a wider view of the action as compared to the first-person perspective lock on Console/PC.

The game also includes a brand-new Legend – Fade, who will be exclusive to the mobile version of the game. Fade is an all-new character built specifically to cater to the controls and feel of the game on mobile.

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Apex Legends Mobile Global Launch is Now Live in India

Apex Legends Mobile

As notified by EA earlier last week, the game will not have the fan-favourite map, King’s Canyon, in the Battle Royale map rotation. Parts of the map will still be available in the Team Deathmatch and Arenas mode.

Modes such as Team Deathmatch is new to Apex Legends fans as it is currently not available on Console/PC. The game will use the mythos and lore of the Outlands but will act completely independent of the console/PC version. Much like its HD counterpart, Apex Legends Mobile will also have Seasons, but in contrast, there will be a new Season every month as compared to the bi-monthly rollout on console and PC.

The download size at launch is 2.70 GB and the game will have in-app purchases limited to cosmetics such as Weapon and Legend skins. It is to be noted that these purchases are purely cosmetic and power-ups such as Legend Perks cannot be purchased in the in-game market and can only be unlocked through gameplay.