[Update: Our Source Turned Out Incorrect] Exclusive: Apple AirPods 2 Will Look Identical to AirPods, AirPower to Launch This Spring

The Apple AirPods 2 will not look any different compared to the current AirPods but will offer superior audio quality and some new features.


The second-generation Apple AirPods were spotted on the Bluetooth SIG website in November last year, confirming support for the newer Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy standard. Apple’s AirPods 2 are expected to be introduced sometime later this year, although no specific timeframe has been confirmed yet. While the launch date still remains a mystery, leakster Ishan Agarwal has shared some interesting new details regarding the second-generation Apple AirPods as well as the AirPower wireless charging pad.

AirPods 2 to Offer Deeper Bass, More Sensors

According to our source, Apple AirPods 2 will look largely identical to the current AirPods from the outside. However, Apple has made some changes on the inside to allow for more impressive bass response. For improved grip, the upcoming wireless earphones may come with a new coating on top, similar to the one Google uses for its Pixel smartphones. A similar coating will reportedly be used on the “high-end” iPhone 11 variant this year, according to a report published by DroidShout last week. As some previous leaks had claimed, the AirPods 2 will include more sensors compared to its predecessor. Some rumors suggest these new sensors on the AirPods 2 will be used for the new health features, including heart rate monitoring. In terms of battery life, AirPods are likely to be more or less similar to the original AirPods, as the battery size is said to be identical. Apple will be offering the AirPods 2 in two colors: Black and White. While the original AirPods were launched at $159 in the US, the AirPods 2 are expected to be priced around $200 (INR 14,250 approx.).

AirPower Wireless Charging Pad to Debut in Spring

Our source has also claimed that the AirPower wireless charging pad will finally be released in Spring this year, alongside the wireless charging case for the first-generation AirPods. The battery inside the wireless charging case will be slightly smaller in capacity compared to the current AirPods charging case. The AirPower will be slightly thicker than originally expected, apparently because of the 8-7-7 coil configuration. Apple is said to be working on a few “exclusive features” as well for the AirPower, although they will not be available until iOS 13 is released. As for pricing, the AirPower wireless charging pad is likely to be priced around $150 at launch. Since the AirPower is set to go on sale soon, TV commercials for the wireless charging pad are reportedly being filmed currently. Needless to say, the AirPower will be compatible only with the latest iPhones such as the iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone 8.

In addition to the new AirPods 2, Apple is currently testing Macs with Face ID as well as touchscreen displays. However, you shouldn’t expect a new Mac with Face ID to launch anytime soon. The current prototypes with Face ID and touchscreen are only meant for internal testing.