Apple Vision Pro: Forgot Passcode? Well, Take It Back to The Store For Reset

Apple's Vision Pro headset does not support password reset using iTunes or Apple ID

  • Apple’s Vision Pro does not have a feature to reset the passcode.
  • Users are required to take their headset to an Apple Store if they forget the unlock code.
  • This software flaw has left several users enraged, resulting in a rush at Apple’s service stations.

Apple’s Vision Pro headset has been a head-turner in the technology industry. Being a first-generation product, consumers and Apple both are exploring the potential applications of the headset. Within just a week of its commercial availability in the United States, some users have complained that they are not able to reset the passcode of the Vision Pro. For now, Apple is asking users to bring the headset to the nearest Apple Store to solve this problem, according to a report in Bloomberg.

The Apple Vision Pro used a passcode-based security system to unlock the headset. However, if the user forgets their passcode, they are being locked out of their headset as VisionOS currently does not have a mechanism to reset the code. Other Apple devices like iPhones and iPads have the functionality the reset the code using iTunes and the registered Apple ID of the user.

Hence, if a Vision Pro user forgets their passcode, they are required to visit the Apple Store, where the company will reset the device entirely and wipe all the personal data on the headset. Apple says that users can also ship their headsets to the company, where the same service will be provided to affected users. It is not clear whether Apple is charging for this service or not.

This is clearly a software limitation in VisionOS from Apple’s end. The company is expected to fix this issue with future updates. However, Apple has not commented on the situation yet.

If you are a Vision Pro user, then you should remember your passcode very well until the issue is addressed. Otherwise, you might have to take a trip to your nearest Apple Store.

Users are not happy with this inconvenience, as Apple has pretty high standards for their product refinement and satisfaction. The high cost of $3499 for the Vision Pro headset also sets expectations among users. Hence, this password reset situation has left many users enraged, resulting in a rush at certain Apple Stores with the same issue.