Asus Zenfone 6 Latest Leaked Prototype Images, Video Reveals Off-centre Notch, Dual Rear Camera Setup

Asus Zenfone 6 has yet again leaked with an off-centre notch, dual cameras, and USB Type-C port. Check out all the details.


If you remember, the Zenfone 5Z from Asus was the first smartphone to embrace iPhone X-like notch. The phone carried powerful specs and had been quite a success in the markets. Now, with a gap of several months, Asus is back with a new Zenfone smartphone dubbed Zenfone 6. A few days back we reported about leaked images of the upcoming phone, and now once again a new leak has surfaced about the Zenfone 6. This time, the leak also carries a video that reveals an off-centre (quite quirky) notch and dual camera setup at the rear.

Asus Zenfone 6 With Off-centre Notch

The latest leak for the Zenfone 6 comes from the folks at HD Blog. We have got to see an entirely new design of the Zenfone 6, which is quite different from what we saw in the previous leak. The publication states that these photos are of an advanced stage prototype of the Zenfone 6. Of course, that is quite visible from the side shots of the phone that look pretty unfinished. Every smartphone goes through various prototype stages before making it to the final design.

One of the major design changes that the prototype shows off is the off-centre notch on a reasonably large display. For now, there is not much information on the hardware and software specs of the phone but we do get to see how Asus has pushed the notch to the side. We wonder how perfect is the side placement going to be.

Dual Rear Cameras, Fingerprint Reader

The video of the prototype reveals the dual cameras at the rear. Currently, dual cameras have become a standard on smartphones, and now OEMs like Huawei, Samsung, and LG are trying to stack more than two cameras at the rear. We wonder if Asus will be making some changes to the dual cameras before bringing out the final version of the Zenfone 6. The previous leak revealed a triple camera setup on the phone, but this new leak shows a dual-camera setup. This has got us confused whether the phone will have dual cameras or triple.

Also, we have our doubts regarding the fingerprint sensor on the phone. In the video, we do not see a dedicated fingerprint sensor on the rear below the lens, so there are fair chances that Asus has also made its way to In-display fingerprint sensor like the OnePlus 6T.

Also, as Asus has placed the notch on the side, we are interested to find out how accurate Face Unlock will work with that placement. We doubt whether the position of the notch is going to have any impact on the speed and accuracy of the Face Unlock feature. Other features that we noted is the USB Type-C port at the bottom, a 3.5mm audio jack, and bottom firing speakers.

Expected Launch Timeline

According to the leaks and the general timeline followed by Asus for launching a new Zenfone, we expect the Zenfone 6 to be made official at the MWC 2019 event in Barcelona. We are pretty excited about the Zenfone 6, especially after this latest leak that has set our mind wheels churning on the shift in the notch position.

What’s your take on the Zenfone 6? Do you think Asus is once again going to hit the right chord with consumer after the success of Zenfone 5Z? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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