10 Best, Funny, Cool and Mind-Blowing Google Tricks To Try Now


Apart from web search, there are a ton of things Google does. That small search box theme-based website offers the most mind-blowing, funny, and cool Google search tricks one can perform. You can count these as bonus features, Google magic tricks, or easter eggs, but, they all have something fun and unique to them. Here, we’re providing you with some of the most amazing Google tricks and how to do them.

What are Google Tricks?

Your internet is not working? No worries you can play the dinosaur game in your Google Chrome browser. Google tricks are usually games and other tricks one can perform apart from Googling. This is the best time killer on Google. Millions around the globe do these and the best part is all are free. Some games and tricks require you to stay online, while others can be done offline only. This depends on the trick or game.

Best Google Tricks

From Roll A Die to Google Snake, and from Check bubble level to Google Gravity, these are some of the best, funny, cool, and Mind-blowing Google tricks one can try. These tricks are arranged in random order, and their popularity is huge among the people.

Roll a die

roll a die

The most well-known Google trick is to roll a die. All you have to do is search ‘roll a die’ in your Google search box. There, you’ll a dice with a default number, and below that, you’ll find different dice with different numbers. You can choose from those dice as an addition to the default one. Click on ‘Roll’ below it to roll it. The total figure keeps changing as you roll it. Try having the highest number.


pac man

Pac-Man is among the most famous 90s games on Google. All you have to do is to search for ‘Pac-Man,’ and there you’ll not only see the search results, but you’ll also see the browser-oriented Pac-Man game. The game controls are straightforward to play. Use your arrow keys to move yourself in the game. Hit ‘Play’ and start playing.

Google Snake

Google Snake

Similar to the aforementioned Pac-Man, Google Snake is another very popular 90s game on Google. All you have to do is search for ‘Google Snake’ in your browser, and there, hit the ‘Play’ button to enjoy this legendary game online.

Note: you can even play the popular Solitaire game using the same methods mentioned above, particularly for games.

Check bubble level

bubble level

If you wish to check whether a surface is level or not, there’s a Google trick named bubble level. For this, you need your smartphone either iOS or Android. This trick only works on smartphones as they have a gyroscopic sensor.

To do this, search for the ‘bubble level’ on your smartphone. It will appear with the degree indications. This bubble level works in any direction.

Numbers to words

numbers to english

Do you wish to convert any number into English? Here’s where Google comes to your rescue. Type any number with as many digits as you wish, and Google will translate it into its English form for you. Cool, right? For this, all you have to do is to type the number for example – 987855213 with ‘= English’ at the Google search bar and hit enter. You’ll be represented with the English form of the numbers.

Do a barrel roll

do a barrel roll

This is perhaps the most famous and oldest Google trick ever. Type ‘do a barrel roll’ in your Google search box and hit enter. You’ll notice that your Google page starts spinning and soon after a few seconds, it will return to normal. The fun part is seeing the spinning of the Google page in this.

Google Gravity

Google gravity

Gravity is the most important force known to humans. This keeps us grounded. With this, we can easily walk, run, drive, and can even perform stunts safely. Imagine a life without it. Hard, right? Well, Google does provide you with an option to experience the absence of gravity with its search engine. To do that, search for the ‘Google Gravity’ and hit the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ tab. After seconds, you’ll experience the Google page falling, without gravity. You can even pick and drag the fallen buttons for more fun.

Flip a coin

flip a coin

Flipping a coin is an excellent way of tossing (in cricket) and decision-making. Whenever you feel delima about the situation, it is an excellent way to flip a coin for decision-making. Choose yes and no for a respective side of the coin and toss it. Now what if you can’t find a coin in your wallet? In this digital era, Google provides you with a way. With a flip a coin Google trick you can do it digitally. Just search for ‘flip a coin’ on Google, first, by default it will automatically flip. Later, tap on flip a coin button below the coin to flip it.

Breathing exercise

breathing exercise

We are constantly living in a fast-moving world where everything is fast. Taking time for yourself and breathing for a moment with a pause seems to be a hard task these days. So, to help you with that, Google provides breathing exercises and tricks. To do that, search for ‘breathing exercise’ in your search bar. Hit Enter, and you’ll be in the process of a guided breathing exercise. Tap on the play button and follow the instructions as you go through.

Set a timer on Google


Wish to see a timer on Google? Enter ‘timer’ into your Google search box and hit Enter. You’ll be presented with the timer along stopwatch tool to explore. There’s nothing more in this trick. But, it’s a quick and easy way to use Google as your timer rather than your watch.

Bottom Line

So from playing Google Snake to converting the digits to English, Google tricks amaze everyone with their fun and charm. You can choose your favourite and try it.


What’s the most popular Google trick?

The most popular Google trick is ‘Do A Barrel Roll’. This has been done by millions and counting.

What are the requirements for performing Google tricks?

All you need is a working internet, and you’re all set to go. Search for the respective tricks you wish to do, and enjoy it.