BGMI Ban: BGMI Said to be Temporarily Unavailable in India, will be back soon, Claims Skyesports CEO

Skyesports CEO, Shiva Nandy claimed that the BGMI ban is not a spontaneous move but had been in the process for several months!


BGMI ban by the Indian government came as a sudden shock for the Indian Gaming Community. The app is reportedly communicating with Chinese servers and sending user data to them according to reports. As a result, it was banned citing national security reasons and the incidents that took place in the last few days have piqued the interest of predominant esports influencers in India.

BGMI celebrated its first anniversary in the month of July but things went sideways soon. The game got delisted from the app stores and ultimately banned. However, Krafton has not yet confirmed the ban which gives us some reassurance of the game’s re-arrival to its earlier state. Shiva Nandy, CEO/Founder of Skyesports, is recent to weigh in on the matter, sharing his thoughts via Instagram Story. It also included some disclosures about the situation, as well as some affirmations. Nandy emphasised that the removal of the application did not constitute a ban.

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Shiva Nandy claims that the BGMI ban is had been in process for months

bgmi ban

Shiva Nandy posted on his Instagram Story about the government’s decision to pull Battlegrounds Mobile India from the App Store and Play Store. As mentioned in his IG Story, the government’s move was not spontaneous, but rather the result of a well-planned procedure that took five months to complete. He also mentioned that Krafton has been notified a week before when the Government decided to block BGMI from the App Store and Play Store. Here is what Skyesports CEO has posted on his Instagram Story:

“It was not an immediate action. It was in the process for almost five months. In fact, one week before removing the game from the Play Store, an interim notice was sent to Krafton HQ by the government. Two days before the game was removed from the store, we got a hint, and that is why stopped most of the advance amount to be paid for the Skyesports League, LAN Delhi.”

He insisted the fans remain optimistic about the game’s comeback and added, “According to sources, Tik Tok is all set to make a comeback. In that case, BGMI will be back 100%. Hopefully, if everything goes well, there will be independence soon!”

At the end of his story, he stated that the game was not banned but was removed based on an interim order from the Indian Government. The term interim order refers to an order issued by a court during the pendency of the litigation. Many fans were elated by recent statements made by Skyesports CEO, but they shouldn’t rejoice too soon, as recent reports on the games’ ban unveil an entirely different story.

According to a senior government official from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, the BGMI ban will be implemented immediately. Furthermore, the official claims that the game’s servers communicated (directly or indirectly) with servers in China.

Its been several days since BGMI’s suspension from the app stores but no official confirmation has broken out from Krafton nor the Indian Government. It remains to be seen whether BGMI will make a comeback and continue its legacy or vanish like its predecessor, PUBG Mobile.