BGMI Unban Apparently Close As Government is Working to Regulate eSports

Yash Bhanushali hinted at the Indian Government's interest in gaming and Esports, which may result in Free Fire and BGMI unban.


This year has become a rollercoaster for both Free Fire and BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) fans as the Indian Government banned these titles in the country due to security reasons. As a result, the ban also affected its competitive scene which has become the foundation of esports in the country.

Yash Bhanushali, the owner of Orangutan Esports, has recently come into the spotlight with a big claim for both Free Fire and BGMI fans amidst all the news circulating on the Internet. Yesterday, on 4 November, Yash hinted at the Indian Government’s interest in gaming and Esports. He did not specify the details about the topic or any progress that the Government had made so far, but he has taken out some of the biggest game titles in India – ‘FF and BGMI.’

The tweet began circulating on the Internet as a piece of good news for Battlegrounds Mobile India and Free Fire fans as they have been longing for their comeback. The tweet’s assertion about the Government of India’s involvement in esports is also a significant plus for the country’s professional gaming community.

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BGMI Unban: Indian Government to Regulate Esports Soon

Yash Bhanushali’s tweet actually reads: ‘Great news coming for the esports community. Government is actively working to regulate esports. Great news coming soon. Welcome back FF and BGMI.’ There have been many issues in the past among the esports organisations which raked miscommunications among players and their fans. The major setback is that the esports industry is still at a blossoming stage and there is no rule or law for it.

Several bills have been submitted to the parliament by political leaders and popular personalities like Shiva Nandy and Abhijeet Andhare conducted talks with the concerned authorities to bring a regulating body that governs esports in India. With Bhanushali’s recent claims, it seems that government will soon bring esports under regulation.

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However, the tweet had some critics o the platform as seen below:

Last month, AKop from Orangutan, and Saumraj tipped their fans that BGMI’s comeback will happen with a new Indian publisher soon. They also mentioned that the new publisher will be Indian-based and it could be Jio or Airtel. However, the same claims have come out when PUBG Mobile was banned and none of them turned out to be true.

These unban statements/hints/clues or whatsoever should be taken with a grain of salt as they can be rumours. Since there is no official confirmation from Krafton, we cannot completely rely on these statements. All gamers can do is wait for an official announcement and hope that govt to give a green signal to the games.

If the government put up a regulating body for esports, it will fortify all the parties and players involved in the Indian Gaming Community.

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