BGMI Update 2.1 Patch Notes Live: Brings Ancient Secret Mode, New Weapon and More

Here is all you need to about the latest BGMI 2.1 Update!


The upcoming patch update for BGMI, Update 2.1, brings in the old pyramid modes to this new update, which was quite popular and widely played in the BGMI community. The forthcoming BGMI 2.1 Update Patch Notes detailed about slew of new features and content, including a new weapon Lynx AMR, Ancient Temple 2.0, special places like Scarab Ruins and Jackal Ruins etc.

A new supply loot will be spawned on various places inside a map called Scarab charm which helps in reviving yourselves. The developers also tweaked the death caused by a vehicle explosion, which you will not die from a vehicle explosion. Lynx AMR, the newest firearm that is added to that game is so strong and powerful that can fierce through a LVL.3 helmet in a single shot. Several weapon changes have been included in the new update.

BGMI 2.1 Update Release Date and Time

bgmi 2.1 update

The new update launches today i.e., 14 July 2022. For Android users, the update will be made available from 12:30 to 6:30 PM IST today. For iOS users, the update rolls from 4:00 PM IST.

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BGMI 2.1 Update Official Patch Notes

Theme Mode: Ancient Secret: Arise

  • The new mode will be coming to three maps: Erangel, Livik and Miramar
  • The mode is exclusive to the Ranked mode
  • New animations will be introduced in the lobby and flight path

Ancient Secret: Arise – Scarab and Jackal Ruins | Sand Storm City

  • These special places will be spawned in the Ancient themed mode
  • You can check their locations on the map.
  • Guarded by Monsters and Mummys, players can get special loot upon defeating them
  • Jackal Ruins include puzzles and special loot will be obtained by solving it.
  • Scarab Charm will be spawned randomly in a map. You can revive yourselves using it.
  • One can have a single supply in a match and it gets deactivated once used.

 Emperor Temple

  • Two temples will be spawned randomly in a map and their existence is limited to a certain time.
  • A giant statue will carry the temple along the defined path. You can enter the emperor temple through a structure that appears along the path
  • here are various structures inside the emperor temple. Once you activate all the slates inside the temple, the BOSS monster will appear. The BOSS monster will drop great items but they are difficult to defeat

New Weapon – Lynx AMR

  • Faster fire rate than current existing SRs.
  • A level 3 helmet can be destroyed at a single shot.
  • Uses exclusive ammo like AWM.
  • Available only in Supply Crates

SMG/AR Weapon Balance

  • UZI and Vector: The diminishing speed of the damage is reduced. Deals greater damages to enemies in long-distance. PP-19 Bizon’s shooting speed is slight increased.
  • UMP45: The burst area is reduced while ADSing and the laser sight effect is slightly reduced.
  • Tommy Gun: The basic damage dealt and its bullet speed will be slightly increased

Other Changes

  • Return of Metro Royale Mode – Begins on 14 July 2022
  •  A training area dedicated for sound play is added to the training mode.
  • Control System and Playground Improvements