Call of Duty Mobile: Are the New MX9 SMG and Slums Multiplayer Map Any Good in Season 6?

Call of Duty Mobile's newest SMG and Map are here - but are they any good?


Call of Duty Mobile Season 6: The Heat is now live and the new season has been received rather well by the fans – given the new Undead Siege mode plus the new weapon and map. The MX9 SMG is the newest addition to Call of Duty Mobile’s arsenal and Slums provides players with a pacey, new battleground to test their skills in.

While by now, players might have already settled into their favourite classes and figured out what works for them – a little experimentation can’t hurt. With every new Season in Call of Duty Mobile, players generally try and experiment with all the new stuff so as to always stay on the edge and improve their overall effectiveness in the field. So, how does the MX9 fair in the Multiplayer Mode and is Slums a decent addition to the map rotation in COD Mobile?

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How good are the MX9 SMG and Slums in Call of Duty Season 6: The Heat?


The MX9 is familiar to veterans of Call of Duty Black Ops 4, and they will attest to the gun’s low-recoil – but that’s about where the party ends for the SMG. The MX9 has a lot of plus points across the board and is pretty well-rounded – but that is where the problem lies. The SMG really doesn’t stand out in any particular category – and is simply average all around.

The TTK is on par with the other SMGs so it doesn’t quite make a great case for itself as the new go-to SMG for players who have found their footing with other ones. The MX9’s biggest plus point comes from its fairly low recoil – which makes it ideal for rushers who need to have a stable aim while moving.

However, the recoil gets worse at range – which is the biggest problem with the MX9. While the SMG class isn’t meant to be used at range – the MX9’s effectiveness drops off drastically when used at range – making it one of the most occasionally effective weapons in the game.

Rating: 6/10


COD Mobile S6

Slums is an import from Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and is a fairly small map that caters to the SMG and Shotgun Class. Thus, it makes sense for the devs to include this map in S6 alongside the MX9, so as to make the pairing work. Other than that – Slums is everything players have come to expect from a COD map – fast, in-your-face, and thoroughly relentless.

There are 2 lanes in total – and the central point of the map is often the place to rack up an insane number of kills – or die a quick death. The map is good – with plenty of cover and hiding spots (everyone goes to the shop – EVERYONE) – but much like the MX9, it’s not going to be anyone’s favourite map in COD Mobile.

That aside, the map by itself is pretty solid – and players will have fun getting quick kills and rushing through the two lanes.

Rating: 6.5/10