ChatGPT banned by Indian, French and US Colleges, Schools and Universities to Keep Students from Gaining Unfair Advantage

ChatGPT developed by OpenAI has been banned in several Universities across globe. The punishments include expulsion from University campuses.

  • ChatGPT developed by OpenAI has been banned in several countries.
  • The ban has been initiated by Universities on their students.
  • Unauthorized usage may lead to expulsion from University campuses.

Open AI is known for AI research and development. The company built ChatGPT, a free AI chatbot for people all over the globe, in November 2022. Soon the Chatbot gained attention due to its detailed responses on any topics. The bot has been helpful for many application developers as they can build the app using the Chatbot. Like any other invention, ChatGPT also came with many negatives. Some reports reveal that the bot has been used to pass the Wharton MBA exam and the US law and medical licensing exams. Many universities all over the globe have started raising concerns over students using the tool for their homework and assignments. To curb the rising popularity of the Chatbot, many universities in India, French, and US have banned its usage of the same.

Steps Taken by Indian Universities to Ban or Curb Usage of ChatGPT

The first University in India to ban ChatGPT is Bangalore’s RV University, and the policy came into force effective from January 1. The formal advisory against the usage of the bot has been issued by Sanjay Chitnis, dean of the school of computer science and engineering at RV University.

Apart from ChatGPT, the University also bans the usage of other AI bots, such as Github Copilot and Blackbox. The advisory is valid for both students and faculty of the college. They have already started blocking ChatGPT during lab and tutorial sessions.

The University will also test their students by asking them to reproduce contents to check the authenticity of the assignments. The advisory also warns of disciplinary action against offenders. If any student is found guilty of using the same, they may be expelled from the campus.

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Many other colleges in India are planning to change assignments to prevent the usage of AI tools. Dayananda Sagar University and the International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT-B) in Karnataka are also looking for alternative methods for curbing Chatbot usage.

The authorities at Dayananda Sagar University have changed the nature of assignments to curb the issue. TOI reports that KN Balasubramanya Murthy, vice chancellor of Dayananda Sagar University, said that assignments are now more technical and mathematical. It has been changed in a way to avoid the usage of AI tools like ChatGPT.

In contrast, the IIT-B forms a committee to develop a framework for using ChatGPT. Other famous Universities in Bangalore, like Christ University, are also developing measures to prevent students from using AI tools. Abraham V, vice chancellor of Christ University, said that assignments created using ChatGPT assignments are no longer valid.

Students would be asked to work on it during class hours for assignment submission. The assignments are longer used for assessment purposes because of malpractice and plagiarism.

France’s Top University Also Took Measures to Curb AI Tools

Apart from Universities in India, a leading University in France, Sciences Po, has completely banned the usage of ChatGPT. In a statement, the University said that without transparent referencing, students are forbidden to use AI tools for completing any written work or presentations.

However, the University grants few exemptions for specific course purposes with the supervision of a course leader. The University’s main campus has said that it may expel students from University, and sometimes the ban may be a complete ban from French higher education.

What Measures Did the US Department of Education Take to Curb the Usage of ChatGPT?

The Department of Education in New York City has completely banned the usage of ChatGPT by students. It fears the students may use it to complete their homework, mathematical equations, and more.

Several schools in Seattle have also banned the usage of ChatGPT. Many universities in the US have announced to do fewer take-home assessments and more hand-written essays and oral exams.

Apart from Universities and Schools, International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML) banned its authors from using AI tools for writing scientific papers. There will be more restrictions on AI tools in the coming months. What do you think about the limits on AI tools? Please let us know in the comments section.