Epic Games Mega Sale: Days Gone, Watch Dogs Legion, and More PC Games on Discount

Right now is a great time to be a PC gamer.


Oh, what a time to be a PC gamer! Console makers are loosening their stance on console exclusivity and PC gamers now have access to some of the best previously console-exclusive games on PC on storefronts like the Epic Games Store. Right now would be a great time for players to catch up on the best games of the years past in case they missed a few gems of yesteryear.

The Epic Games Mega sale is now live – and it is offering massive discounts on some of the best AAA and indie titles for PC. The Epic Games Store has been making a lot of noise since the time they offered GTA V for free, and has been on quite a roll since.

From offering masterful indie games like Enter the Gungeon for free, to big discounts on massive AAA blockbusters – Epic looks like they know what they’re doing. Here, we take a look at 10 of the best games players can pick up during the Epic Games Mega Sale.

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Top 10 Games players can pick up during the Epic Games Mega Sale

Note: The list is no particular order. 

Honorable Mentions:

  • Borderlands 3 – Rs 986
  • Octopath Traveler – Rs 2,125
  • EA Star Wars Bundle – Rs 3,249
  • Outriders – Rs 1, 937
  • Ghostrunner – Rs, 1062

10) Biomutant – Rs 1,700

Biomutant is a fairly recent release and was easily one of the most exciting projects of 2021. The game pairs all of gamer’s favourite things into one impressive game – martial arts, a fun art style, interesting lore and characters. If players have ever wondered what it’s like to take on opponents a hundred times bigger than oneself using a variety of martial arts and weapons – then this is it.

Players can customize their very own Biomutant and craft their playstyle according to their strengths and weaknesses to take on massive challenges. The art style, combat, and fluidity of gamplay will routinely sweep the players’ off their feet and force them into making some interesting choices off the beaten path.

Pick up Biomutant should you be looking for something a little unconventional yet thoroughly entertaining.


9) Cyberpunk 2077 – Rs 2,009

It would be an understatement to suggest Cyberpunk 2077 took a bit of a beating come launch time – but the game does have a lot to offer. If for nothing else, play Cyberpunk 2077 for the sheer brilliance of CDPR’s Night City. The open-world of Night City is easily one of the most impressive feats and a true Cyberpunk-ian playground of a location.

The game is at its most impressive when prowling through the streets of Night City looking for trouble. Play as V, a young mercenary with dreams and ambitions of becoming the top-dog, a legend of Night City. V’s struggle to survive against insurmountable odds isn’t made any easier by a relentless and adverserial Johnny Silverhand, played by the always-charming Keanu Reeves.

The game has a lot going for itself, despite it being a little rough around the edges in some parts. The Epic Games Meta Sale offers a great discount on the title, which should make this one of the most appealing games during the sale.


8) Mafia Trilogy – Rs 1,814

Nobody could have predicted the kind of impact and acclaim the Mafia franchise would gather with just 2 games in the bag. While the third one could have stuck the landing a bit better and trimmed some fat off of the game – it is still a pretty fun game.

However, the original and its sequel are easily two of the most perfect games that knew their strengths from the get-go. Unlike GTA, the appeal of Mafia isn’t the open-world (which isn’t really open in Mafia), but in its characters, the emotional storytelling, and the cinematic nature of it all.

Mafia: The Definitive Edition isn’t just a remaster – but a remake, which means the game has been worked on from scratch – which essentially means it is an entirely new game. One of the best bundles on the Epic Games Store, the Mafia trilogy contains some of the games one can play today.


7) Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Rs 2,009

There is a lot going for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – the combat, the soundtrack, the size of the open-world, and a grand adventure at the heart of it. What it occasionally lacks is focus and an excess of content. Sometimes, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla can be overwhelming, and that is not necessarily positive or negative.

Howver, even with all its flaws, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is fun from start to end. Raiding with your Vikingr never gets old and simply running about looking for secrets and gear is somehow always rewarding.

Many might find it cumbersome to constantly maintain gear and upgrading it, but it takes very little time for it to start growing on the player. At this price, there are few other games that can offer the amount of content that Assassin’s Creed Valhalla does.


6) Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 – Rs 1,894

The entire gaming community practically lost their collective minds when it was announced that everyone’s favourite skating game franchise – Tony Hawk’s will be making a return in a big way. The game received rave reviews across the board – even without the healthy dose of nostalgia the came with.

Even new players who have never played the original games will find tons of enjoyment in the wacky, chaotic playgrounds of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 +2. The game wastes very little in tutorializing the player – as the controls and intuitive enough for players to pick up quickly and easily.


5) Days Gone – Rs 2,399

Days Gone was one of the big Sony first-party exclusives to make its way across the console-exclusive line and over to the PC realm. Days Gone pits players against an unforgivable world that is overrun by the undead – and the real catch is- they often come at the player in hoards of hundreds upon hundreds.

The story might only be serviceable, but its got a lot of heart – so that’s always a plus. The true star of the show is the zombie AI that will routinely surprise players by adopting different tactics and movement.

Days Gone is available at a discounted price in the Epic Games Mega Sale, and easily one of the most appealing purchases.


4) Watch Dogs Legion – Rs 1,199

Watch Dogs Legion takes the self-aware, ironic humor of the sequel and drives it up to 11, and beyond. The game has an unbelievably cool idea at its core – letting the player play as virtually anybody they see in the game.

Effectively, there is barely any NPC in the game, as players can recruit and assume control of any type of person they see in the game world. This allows Watch Dogs Legion to truly be a unique open-world experience that can transform at the player’s whim.

Watch Dogs Legion is still a little rough around the edges, but given all the good that it accomplishes – it becomes easier to forgive the game for its flaws.


3) Red Dead Redemption 2 

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the most ambitious games from Rockstar’s history – and that is saying something. The game is grand in every metric imaginable, and yet, manages to be every bit is intimate and personal as one expects from an effective story.

Rockstar proves it beyond a shred of a doubt that Rockstar does emotional and earnest as well as it does satire and parody. The game has a whole lot of heart and it wears it on its sleeve the entire time.

The game is available currently at an extremely appealing price – so it’s time to saddle up and live out your outlaw fantasies.

2) Mortal Shell – Rs 1,058

FromSoftware gave rise to a whole new batch of challenging and supremely difficult games that push players to the extreme. In a slew of games in that genre, Mortal Shell stood out as one of the more refined and polished games.

Mortal Shell takes the Soulslike formula and gives it an original spin in a lot of areas. Unlike Dark Souls, Mortal Shell has a lot more cohesion and clarity in terms of the narrative and story. Mortal Shell’s focus on a slow, methodical style of combat, instead of being cumbersome, can often play to the game’s strength.

The Epic Games Mega Sale shines a much-needed spotlight on Mortal Shell as the game deserves more attention.


1) Death Stranding – Rs 1,669

There is a lot to say about Death Stranding – from its story down to its rather interesting gameplay choices. However, the game is best experienced when going into it completely blind and without expectations or preconceived notions.

Needless to say, Death Stranding is not everyone’s cup of tea – but it does so many things right that it is impossible to be benevolent towards it. The game will ask plenty of the player in terms of patience, understanding, and effort – but they will be rewarded by a throughly profound message at its core and a surprising amount of heart in its characters.

Mads Mikkelsen, Norman Reedus, Lea Seydoux, Troy Baker, and even legendary director Guillermo Del Toro deliver powerful performances that deserve a lot of praise. The game is one of the most singular experiences in the history of games and players shouldn’t rob themselves of it.