F1 22 Available Free-to-Play Over the Weekend on Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam

The game will be available for free across all available platforms for the game.


F1 22 will be available for free across Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam over the coming weekend. In celebration of the US Grand Prix, EA is offering free access to the entire game over the Race Weekend and players can jump in and play every game during that time period.

The game is the latest installment in EA’s F1 franchise and the second one after the publisher acquired Codemasters. The previously independent studio was acquired by EA in 2021 for $1.2 billion and has been known across the industry as one of the premier racing game developers – having worked on several franchises such as DiRT, Onrush, and GRID.

To play the game for free, simply head to either the Xbox, PlayStation Store or Steam and simply download the game over the weekend.

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F1 22 Will be Available for Free on All Platforms Over the US Grand Prix Weekend

F1 22 is the latest game in the series and introduces a number of new innovations such as Manual Pit Stops. Also included in the new game are social elements such as F1 Life, which allows players a new social space to unlock and show off supercars, accessories, and clothing.

The game came out at a time when FIA overhauled rules and regulations to introduce more competition in the field – which allowed Codemasters to incorporate said changes in the game as well. This resulted in players being able to follow other cars more closely without relying on DRS every lap. The result was more tightly-competitive races that forces players to use creative manoeuvres to overtake and defend positions.

F1 22 consistently receives new updates and content and the decently fleshed-out Multiplayer gives players a good reason to keep coming back to the game. As one of the most popular motorsports in the world today, EA has done well to capitalize on the growing hype by acquiring Codemasters to bolster their racing game offerings.

The new resurgence in popularity of the sport came on the back of Liberty Media’s acquisition of the F1 brand from Delta Topco. This opened up all kinds of possibilities for the sport, most notably in the form of the Netflix documentary – Drive to Survive. The documentary was a massive success and brought in droves of new fans to the sport.

As a result, Codemaster’s F1 franchise became all the more alluring to gamers looking to dip their toes in the simcade franchise. This resulted in the billion-dollar acquisition, which is sure to have relieved a lot of the financial stress off of Codemasters as they had previously been self-publishing the game under the Codemasters banner. The new EA deal will likely allow the developer to continue working on several racing franchises under the EA banner.