Funtouch OS 14 Based on Android 14 Launched: Features, List Of Eligible Vivo and iQoo Smartphones Getting It

The Funtouch OS 14 introduces a video editing tool which makes it easier for users to create unique and captivating content without the need to rely on third-party apps.

  • The Funtouch OS 14 includes Smooth Envision, a new feature which enhances system performance and responsiveness.
  • The Funtouch OS 14 also includes a new video editing tool, as well as new always-on display styles.
  • The new software update will be available for devices such as the Vivo X90 Pro, X90, and the iQOO 11 starting mid of October.

The Funtouch OS 14 has been officially unveiled by Vivo as promised earlier. The newly introduced FuntouchOS 14 is based on the Android 14 operating system. Alongside announcing the FuntouchOS 14, Vivo also has confirmed the list of devices which will be getting this latest software update. The new software update includes a new video editing tool, a couple of customization, new style for always-on display, and more features. The update also adds features such as Smooth Envision, Motion Blur, and a new monochrome theme.

Funtouch OS 14 Introduces Smooth Envision Feature, Video Editing Tool, And MY Colour Palette Theme

As per Vivo, the Funtouch OS 14 introduces Smooth Envision, an innovative approach that makes the OS experience smoother inside and out. This new approach enhances system performance and responsiveness by reducing the number of persistent processes and optimizing RAM usage. This feature also adds up to 600MB of RAM to devices with 8GB and more RAM, making multitasking easier. The FuntouchOS 14 also includes a new app Retainer feature that ensures whitelisted apps are not closed manually and they are available for use.

Motion Blur is another feature in the Funtouch OS 14 which uses advanced algorithms to create smoother visuals when opening and closing apps on the home screen. Vivo claims that this software-driven approach enhances the smoothness of displays with a 60Hz refresh rate by 18.7% which ensures smoother visual transitions. The Funtouch OS 14 also introduces an upgraded small window feature which allows users can keep up to 12 small windows active in the background.

The OS also offers support for side-swipe suspension, giving users more control. In some scenarios, if the user wants to focus on one app but still monitor the other, there’s a new non-interactive mini small window mode introduced. The update also introduces a range of new personalization options such as customising the clock style on the lock screen. The Funtouch OS 14 also includes new always-on display styles and a new monochrome theme, called MY colour palette which offers a diverse section of colours to choose from.

Furthermore, Funtouch OS 14 also introduces a new video editing tool which allows users to create unique and captivating content without the need to rely on third-party apps. Last but not least, the new software version also allows users to adjust the video playback speed, and loop playback, as well as the Smart Mirroring feature which allows users to seamlessly share their screen without revealing any information in the notification bar.

List of Vivo, iQOO Smartphones Which Will Receive Funtouch OS 14 Update:

As for availability, the Funtouch OS 14 will be available for devices such as the Vivo X90 Pro, X90 and the iQOO 11 from mid-October. Later on in November and December, devices such as the Vivo X80 Pro, X80, V29 Pro, V27 Pro, V27, iQOO 9 Pro, iQOO 9T, iQOO 9, 9SE, Neo 7 Pro, and Neo 7 will receive the update.

Mid-Oct 2023 Vivo X90, X90 Pro, iQOO 11
Mid-Nov 2023 Vivo X80 Pro, iQOO 9 Pro, 9T.
Mid-Dec 2023 Vivo X80, V29, V29 Pro, V27, V27 Pro, iQOO 9, 9SE, Neo 7, Neo 7 Pro.
Mid- Jan 2024 Vivo X70 series, V29e, V25, V25 Pro, T2 Pro 5G, Y100, iQOO 7 Legend, Z7, Z7 Pro
Mid-Feb 2024 Vivo T2 5G, T2x 5G, T1, T1 5G, T1 Pro 5G, Y100A, Y56, iQOO Z7s, 7, Neo 6, Z6, Z6 5G.
Mid-Mar 2024 Vivo V23 5G, V23 Pro, V23e 5G.
Mid-Apr 2024 Vivo X60 series, Y75 5G, iQOO Z6 Lite.
Mid-May 2024 Vivo Y35, Y36.