Fortnite Building Mechanic Removed by Epic Games in New Update

The building mechanic removal has basis in the in-game narrative.


One of the most crucial game mechanics of Fortnite that separates the game from the myriad of similar battle royale titles has consistently been the building mechanic. The mechanic essentially allows players to rack up tall defensive, occasionally offensive structures to gain an advantage over enemies.

Curiously, the mechanic seems to have vanished from the game following the antics of the in-game villains. For players concerned that this will be a permanent change of pace in Fortnite, they can rest easy knowing that there is an in-game, lore-based explanation.

In the new narrative that is being told, the villains seemed to have sapped the building power from the Resistance, leaving players vulnerable and encouraging a more aggressive play-style.

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Fortnite – Removal of the Building Mechanic is Part of the Narrative

Fortnite Resistance

The building mechanic has been removed from all game modes in Fortnite, excluding competitive/Arena playlists, and so far, there is no exact date on when it is coming back. Speculation within the community suggests that the climbing and parkour mechanics have been introduced in Season 2 in order to accommodate the absence of the all-powerful building mechanic.

While this is most likely not permanent, it provides devs with a great way to experiment with a game mode in Fortnite without the building mechanics. One of the most common complaints from new players has often been how obtuse and overwhelming the building mechanics can seem at the start.

A game mode without any such mechanics can potentially provide players with a more simple and accessible experience. While it will be taking away what essentially makes Fortnite unique, it can potentially open up the game to newer audiences.

It will be interesting to see how the narrative unfolds and when the Resistance is able to bring back the building mechanic in Fortnite Season 2.