Microsoft Will Put Copilot AI into Xbox and PC Games Including Minecraft

  • Microsoft discussed Copilot AI’s video game integration during the Surface and AI event.
  • Microsoft showed Copilot AI will be able to help gamers with guides, tips, and tricks.

Microsoft demonstrated at the Surface and AI event to showcase how Copilit AI integration can benefit video game players. The demo was restricted to Minecraft, the best-selling video game of all time, but it has plans to cover other Xbox and PC games. Here are the details.

Microsoft Copilot AI Minecraft Integration

The Copilot AI integration demo featuring Minecraft showed how players can ask for help using natural language. As per Microsoft, the whole user experience will be like conversing with a friend while playing games. It showed a player asking Copilot AI, “How do I craft a sword?”

The virtual assistant responded by asking the player to open his Minecraft inventory. It went on to check inventory contents and told him about the missing materials required to craft a sword. Meanwhile, the player was attacked by zombies in the game and Copilot came to the rescue again. It instantly shared tips on how to avoid zombies in Minecraft.

As you may have noticed, the idea is to help gamers move forward in the video game and answer their queries whenever they have any doubts. Microsoft may make it easier to access video game guides, tips, tricks, and walkthroughs without leaving the game.

There is no doubt Microsoft’s Copilot AI integration with Minecraft looks interesting but it is only a demo. We will have to wait and see how smoothly the integration works in real-world scenarios. AI assistants are known to “hallucinate” and only time will tell how it will affect the player’s gaming experience. As of now, it is unknown when players will be able to test Copilot video game integration themselves.

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