PlayStation 5 Tipped to Get Discord Voice Chat as Leak Reveals its in Testing Phase

The Voice Chat feature is set to arrive by March 2023.


While there hasn’t been an official confirmation from either Discord or PlayStation, it looks like Discord is testing out Voice Chat integration on PS5. This was revealed through screenshots on Twitter by advaithj1, who put up screenshots of the voice chat feature on both PS5 and the Discord app.

This should be taken with a grain of salt as Discord hasn’t officially revealed a timeline for the integration just yet. The PlayStation integration was announced earlier this year and the feature is set to launch somewhere towards the start of 2023. There could be a possibility that PlayStation will be testing out this feature through a beta rollout – much like it tests out all new features.

Whether a beta test is rolled out later this year remains to be seen as neither party has confirmed a beta test yet. The screenshots seem to come from the Discord mobile app beta, supposedly a closed network test.

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Discord Voice Chat Coming to PlayStation by March 2023

Discord has already been integrated to Xbox quite seamlessly and players can now enjoy Voice Chat with no hassle over Discord on Xbox and PC. The integration with PlayStation opens up all kinds of new possibilities as players across platforms can now possibly join in on voice chat over Discord and enjoy cross-platform games such as Destiny, Call of Duty, Minecraft, and Fortnite.

The voice chat requires players to first initiate the call through the mobile app and shift it to their Xbox console. This will likely be the same for PlayStation 5. Whether the voice chat integration makes it to PS4 is still largely unclear, which means PS4 players are likely stuck with using the Discord mobile app to use voice chat with players on other platforms.

The Discord-Xbox voice chat integration has been largely successful and players have responded rather positively to the new feature. While tensions between the two platform holders is at an all-time high, Discord’s voice chat integration is a major W for fans on the two platforms as it allows seamless voice chat over different platforms through Discord.

Xbox’s possible acquisition of Activision-Blizzard-King has been met with strong opposition from Sony, who want to protect the value of their consoles with regard to the presence of major system sellers such as Call of Duty. While PlayStation has been arguing against COD’s possible exclusivity status on Xbox – Microsoft has claimed Sony’s position as market leader is far too strong to be threatened by the acquisition.

It will be interesting to see if this massive Xbox-ABK deal goes through after it has been passed through all regulatory bodies all over the globe.