HBO Shows & Movies to Watch Online in India: Here’s a List of All Content That Leaves Disney+ Hotstar on March 31

Disney+ Hotstar has announced that all the HBO content from its platform will vanish from March 31, 2023. So, grab this last opportunity to watch all your favourite American shows.

  • Disney announces HBO content leaving its platform from March 31
  • HBO is rumored to partner with Amazon next
  • Fans of GoT, Last of Us are disappointed with the news

Disney+ Hotstar might not have the best news for you if you’re a fan of The Last of Us or The Game of Thrones series. By March 31, HBO programming will no longer be available to Disney+ Hotstar members in India. The Last of Us, The Succession, and other well-known American TV series will no longer be accessible to Indian viewers on Disney+ Hotstar. After March 31, HBO content will disappear from the Indian OTT platform. HBO programming won’t be accessible on Disney+ Hotstar as of April 1. The news was recently announced on the OTT platform’s official Twitter account. “Starting 31st March, HBO content will be unavailable on Disney+ Hotstar. You can continue enjoying Disney+ Hotstar’s vast library of content spanning over 100,000 hours of TV Shows and Movies in 10 languages and coverage of major global sporting events (sic),” read the tweet.

The news shocked Disney+ Hotstar users who are die-hard fans of American shows. After the platform and HBO partnered in 2015, it attracted a large number of customers. The loss of the IPL streaming rights marks Disney+ Hotstar’s second significant setback. It occurs only a few days after Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that the corporation would reduce $5.5 billion in expenses, including $3 billion in non-sports-related content. Also, it fired 7,000 workers.

HBO programs have been available on Hotstar since January 2016. In December 2015, Disney Star (formerly Star India) and HBO agreed to a streaming agreement. On the same day as the American broadcast, the shows were made available to Indian customers The service was later relaunched as Disney+ Hotstar in April 2020. The streaming service had already lost the streaming rights to the 2023–2027 season of the India Premier League (IPL) in June of last year.

Why HBO Content is Leaving Hotstar

The loss of paid customers for Disney+ Hotstar makes it challenging to sustain profitability. The site lost 3.8 million paid subscribers in the three months that ended on December 31. It was the largest-ever quarter-over-quarter subscription loss. Disney+ Hotstar has 57.5 million paid subscribers as of December, a 6 per cent decrease from 61.3 million during the previous quarter. About 35.5 per cent of Disney+’s overall paid user base used the service. The platform’s goal for paying subscribers has also decreased.

In case you want to start watching at least one of these shows before the month is over. So let’s start the list now! If you have a Disney+ Hotstar account, you should look at the list below before these movies end.

S.No. Name of the Show Availability
1 2 Dope Queens – Available Till March 25
2 A Black Lady Sketch Show – Available Till March 25
3 A Child Betrayed: The Calvin Mire Story – Available Till March 25
4 Adventure of The Ring
5 After The Thrones
6 Allen v. Farrow
7 Angels in America
8 Angry Boys – Available Till March 25
9 Animals – Available Till March 26
10 Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simons – Available Till March 26
11 Avenue 5
12 Ballers
13 Band of Brothers
14 Banshee
15 Barry
16 Betty – Available Till March 26
17 Big Little Lies
18 Big Love
19 Bill Maher…But I’m Not Wrong – Available Till March 26
20 Bill Maher: Live From D.C. – Available Till March 26
21 Bill Maher: The Decider – Available Till March 25
22 Bill Maher: Victory Begins at Home – Available Till March 25
23 Blood Brothers: The Joey DiPaolo Story – Available Till March 26
24 Boardwalk Empire
25 Bob Saget: That Ain’t Right – Available Till March 25
26 Bored To Death
27 Bright Lights – Available Till March 25
28 C. B. Strike – (Only first four seasons)
29 Camping
30 Carnival
31 Catch and Kill: The Podcast Tapes
32 Chernobyl
33 Chris Gethard: Career Suicide – Available Till March 26
34 Chris Rock: Bigger And Blacker – Available Till March 25
35 Chris Rock: Kill The Messenger
36 Chris Rock: Never Scared
37 Confronting Brandon: The Intervention of an Addict – Available Till March 26
38 Crashing
39 Curb Your Enthusiasm
40 Dave Attell: Captain Miserable – Available Till March 25
41 David Brenner: Back With a Vengeance – Available Till March 25
42 David Cross: The Pride Is Back – Available Till March 25
43 Dead Drunk: The Kevin Tunell Story – Available Till March 26
44 Dennis Miller: All In – Available Till March 25
45 Dennis Miller: The Big Speech – Available Till March 26
46 Dennis Miller: The Raw Feed – Available Till March 25
47 Divorce
48 Down and Dirty with Jim Norton – Available Till March 25
49 Dream Raider
50 Eastbound and Down
51 Ellen DeGeneres: Here and Now – Available Till March 26
52 Ellen DeGeneres: The Beginning – Available Till March 26
53 Empire Falls – Available Till March 26
54 Enlightened
55 Entourage – Available Till March 26
56 Euphoria
57 Fake Famous – Available Till March 25
58 Ferrell Takes The Field – Available Till March 25
59 Five Days
60 Flight of the Conchords – Available Till March 25
61 Funny Or Die Presents – Available Till March 26
62 Game of Thrones
63 Generation Kill
64 Gentleman Jack
65 George Lopez: The Wall – Live From Washington, D.C. – Available Till March 26
66 Getting On – Available Till March 26
67 Girls
68 Grey Gardens – Available Till March 26
69 Hello Ladies
70 Hello Ladies: The Movie
71 Here and Now
72 High Maintenance – Available Till March 26
73 His Dark Materials
74 House of Saddam
75 House of the Dragon
76 How To Make It In America
77 Hung
78 I Know This Much Is True
79 I May Destroy You
80 I’ll Be Gone In The Dark – Available Till March 26
81 In Treatment
82 Industry
83 Insecure
84 Invisible Stories – Available Till March 26
85 Irma Vep
86 Ja’mie: Private School Girl
87 Jane Fonda: In Five Acts – Available Till March 26
88 Jerrod Carmichael: 8 – Available Till March 25
89 Jerrod Carmichael: Love At The Store – Available Till March 25
90 Jett
91 Jim Jefferies: I Swear To God – Available Till March 26
92 John Adams
93 John From Cincinnati – Available Till March 26
94 Jonah from Tonga – Available Till March 25
95 Larry David: Curb Your Enthusiasm – Available Till March 26
96 Last Week Tonight With John Olliver
97 Lewis Black: Black On Broadway – Available Till March 25
98 Lewis Black: Red, White and Screwed – Available Till March 25
99 Little Britain USA – Available Till March 26
100 Looking
101 Looking: The Movie
102 Lovecraft Country
103 Luck
104 Lucky Louie – Available Till March 26
105 Mare of Easttown
106 McMillions
107 Mildred Pierce
108 Mind Over Murder
109 Mosaic
110 Mrs. Fletcher
111 Obama: In Pursuit of a More Perfect Union
112 Olive Kitteridge
113 P.O.W.E.R.: The Eddie Matos Story – Available Till March 26
114 Perry Mason
115 Phoenix Rising
116 Profugos
117 Public Law 106: The Becky Bell Story – Available Till March 25
118 Quarry
119 Real Time with Bill Maher – Available Till March 26
120 Richard Jeni: A Big Steaming Pile of Me – Available Till March 25
121 Robert Klein: The Amorous Busboy of Decatur Avenue – Available Till March 25
122 Robert Klein: Unfair and Unbalanced – Available Till March 25
123 Rome
124 Room 104
125 Run
126 Sally4Ever
127 Saving Pelican #895 – Available Till March 26
128 Scattering Dad – Available Till March 26
129 Scenes from a Marriage
130 Sex and the City
131 Shaq
132 Sharp Objects
133 Show Me A Hero – Available Till March 26
134 Silicon Valley
135 Single Long – Available Till March 26
136 Six Feet Under
137 Somebody Somewhere
138 Succession
139 Tales From The Tour Bus – Available Till March 25
140 Tell Me You Love Me
141 Tenacious D – Available Till March 25
142 The Baby
143 The Brink
144 The Chris Rock Show – Available Till March 25
145 The Comeback
146 The Deuce
147 The Gilded Age
148 The Head
149 The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley
150 The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst – Available Till March 26
151 The Knick
152 The Last Cruise – Available Till March 25
153 The Last of Us
154 The Leftovers
155 The Nevers
156 The Newsroom
157 The Night Of
158 The Outsider
159 The Pacific
160 The Passion
161 The Pee-Wee Herman Show on Broadway – Available Till March 25
162 The Perfect Mother – Available Till March 26
163 The Plot Against America
164 The Righteous Gemstones
165 The Sopranos
166 The Third Day
167 The Time Traveller’s Wife
168 The Undoing
169 The White Lotus
170 The Wire
171 The Young Comedians Show
172 Tig Notaro: Boyish Girl Interrupted – Available Till March 26
173 Tiger
174 Togetherness
175 Trackers
176 Tracy Morgan: Black and Blue – Available Till March 26
177 Treme
178 True Blood
179 True Detective
180 Tsunami: The Aftermath
181 Undercurrent: The Disappearance of Kim Wall
182 Veep
183 Vice Principals
184 Vinyl
185 Warrior
186 Watchmen
187 We Own This City
188 We Stand Alone Together: The Men of East Company – Available Till March 26
189 Westworld
190 Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty
191 Workers – Available Till March 25
192 Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas – Available Till March 25
193 You Don’t Know Jack – Available Till March 26
194 You’re Welcome America. A Final Night with George W Bush

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Where to Watch HBO shows

Many people are wondering about where they can watch HBO programming in India thanks to the Hotstar and HBO fiasco. Since the announcement, netizens have divided on what to do to see the HBO shows. Many people have proposed a variety of techniques to see HBO material, from using torrents to VPNs.

Earlier in August, Warner Bros Discovery said that the HBO Max debut in India was postponed and that instead, the business was concentrating on growing its user base in the areas where HBO Max was already available.

Many rumours about where to watch this video are circulating as individuals are looking for alternatives. According to a number of media reports, HBO content may one day be available on Amazon. According to these sources, the company agreed to a deal with Amazon last year for the streaming rights of some HBO titles. One of the likely candidates to expand a contract with Warner Bros. is Amazon. It should be noted, meanwhile, that HBO has not yet formally said how its content will be made available in India after it leaves Disney+ Hotstar.

So, to grab your favourite HBO shows for the last time, tune in to Disney+ Hotstar before March 31, 2023. And watch this space for further information related to HBO leaving Disney+ Hotstar.