Top 10 Highest Grossing Kannada Movies: K.G.F Chapter 2, Kantara, Vikrant Rona and More

Explore the box office hits that have made a mark in the Kannada film industry, with their impressive earnings and popularity. Get insights into the cinematic gems that have enthralled Kannada movie enthusiasts and achieved remarkable financial milestones.


The Kannada film industry, commonly known as Sandalwood, is based throughout the Indian state of Karnataka. It has increased substantially over the years and delivers an extensive variety of films across various genres and themes. Kannada film industry’s skilled directors and amazing actors have released some commercially successful and highest-grossing films over the years. These films not only grossed a lot of money at the box office, but they also left an impression on the audience.

In this blog, we will be exploring the ten most commercially successful Kannada films ever made in the industry. We will provide a concise overview of each film, including its release year, production budget, box office earnings, director, cast members, IMDB Rating, availability for viewing, and other intriguing details. Join us as we unravel the fascinating world of these cinematic masterpieces.

Top 10 Highest-Grossing Kannada Movies

Movie Name Release Year Budget Total Gross
K.G.F Chapter 2 2022 Rs. 100 crores Rs. 1,200–1,250 crores
Kantara 2022 Rs. 16 crores Rs. 400-450 crores
Vikrant Rona  2022 Rs. 95 crores Rs. 158.5 – 210 crores
777 Charlie 2022 Rs. 20 crores Rs. 105 crores
James 2022 Rs. 50-70 crore Rs. 94.2 crores
Gaalipata 2 2022 Rs. 25 crores Rs. 35 crores
Gandhada Gudi 2022 Not specified Rs. 16 crores
Love Mocktail 2 2022 Rs. 2 crores Rs. 13.65 crores
Guru Sishyaru 2022 Rs. 2 crores Rs. 6.47 crore.
Lucky Man 2022 Rs. 2 crores Rs. 9.7 crore

K.G.F Chapter 2

The film, directed by Prashanth Neel, tells the story of Rocky, a man who is seen as a threat by the government but revered as a hero by the people. He faces numerous enemies seeking revenge, and he must overcome life-threatening challenges. The movie initially premiered in theatres on April 14, 2022, and later became accessible on the streaming platform Amazon Prime Video on May 16, 2022.

  • Cast: Yash, Sanjay Dutt, Raveena Tandon, Srinidhi Shetty, Prakash Raj, Archana Jois, Malavika Avinash, and others.
  • IMDB rating: 8.3
  • Director: Prashanth Neel
  • Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video
  • Box Office Collection: Rs. 1,200–1,250 crore
  • Domestic Collection: Rs. 509 crores
  • International Collection:  Not specified.

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The Kannada film “Kantara” explores themes of greed, treachery, and violence. As he pursues justice, the protagonist, a young tribal, grudgingly embraces his forefathers’ traditions. The plot follows Shiva and Deputy Range Forest Officer Murali, who are both passionate about the preservation of native culture and the environment but take opposing approaches to these matters.

The film is set in rural areas where forest treasure is smuggled, and it delves into the beliefs and rituals that have been passed down through decades in the coastal region. The film depicts holy rites and customs with the help of a local hamlet nestled in the forest. It combines stories, folklore, and beliefs in the filmmaker’s native tongue.

  • Cast: Rishab Shetty, Kishore Kumar, Achyuth Kumar, and Sapthami Gowda.
  • IMDb Rating: 8.3
  • Director: Rishab Shetty.
  • Where to Watch:  Amazon Prime Video
  • Box-office collection: Rs. 400-450 crores
  • Domestic Collection: Rs. 29.1 crores
  • International Collection: Not specified.

Vikrant Rona

“Vikrant Rona” is a Kannada film released in 2022 that comes into the action and thriller genres. The plot centres around a town in a tropical rainforest that is plagued by strange and mysterious supernatural occurrences. The protagonist, police officer Vikrant Rona, embarks on the task of uncovering murder cases that appear to have a supernatural connection.

The film garnered a great reception from the audience and grossed between 158 and 210 crores at the box office. It was first released in theatres on July 28, 2022, and then on the internet streaming platform ZEE5 on September 2, 2022.

  • Cast: Sudeepa, Nirup Bhandari, Neetha Ashok, Jacqueline Fernandez, Ravishankar Gowda
  • IMDB Rating: 7
  • Director: Anup Bhandari
  • Where to watch: Zee5
  • Box Office Collection: Rs. 158.5 – 210 crores
  • Domestic Collection: Rs. 19.6 crores
  • International Collection: Not specified.

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777 Charlie

The film, directed and written by Kiranraj K, tells the narrative of Dharma, played by Rakshit Shetty. Dharma lives a solitary existence, spending most of his time alone, troubled by his intrusive thoughts. Everything changes, though, when a puppy named Charlie enters his life. Charlie gives Dharma’s life significance and a new perspective. On June 2, 2022, the film was released in theatres, and on September 30, 2022, it was made available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

  • Cast: Dulquer Rakshit Shetty, Charlie, Sangeetha Sringeri, Raj B. Shetty, and others.
  • IMDB Rating: 8.8
  • Director: Kiranraj K
  • Where to Watch: Amazon Prime Video
  • Box Office Collection: Rs. 105 crores
  • Domestic Collection: Rs. 90 crores
  • International Collection: Not specified.


Santosh’s life takes a significant turn when he is approached by Vijay, the leader of a criminal organization known as the Gayakwad Syndicate, who seeks his assistance in their illicit activities. The movie seamlessly combines action and drama, captivating fans right from the beginning.

It portrays the journey of a cheerful individual who becomes entangled in the intricate and mysterious underworld. As the crimes and challenges mount, our hero never loses faith in himself and remains committed to his virtuous deeds.

  • Cast: Puneeth Rajkumar as Santhosh Kumar/James, Priya Anand as Nisha Gayakwad, R. Sarathkumar as Joseph Antony, Srikanth as Vijay Gayakwad
  • IMDb Rating: 7.5
  • Director: Chethan Kumar.
  • Where to watch: Zee5.
  • Domestic Collection: Rs 89.2 crore
  • International Collection: Rs 5 crore
  • Box-office Collection: Rs 94.2 crore

Gaalipata 2

Gaalipata 2, directed by Yogaraj Bhat, is the second instalment of a popular film series that is full of comedy, emotion, and pleasure. The plot centres around three college mates who travel to Neer Kote to see their sick professor. When they arrive, the professor requests them to assist him in finding his estranged son.

To keep the tale fresh, the film brings back beloved characters from the first film while also introducing new faces. Creative and amusing writing is the highlight aspect of Gaalipata 2. It builds on the popularity of the Gaalipata franchise by providing a lovely blend of comedy, romance, and entertainment. The superb actors, clever screenplay, and enjoyable music ensure that this film will make you smile.

  • Cast: Ganesh, Anant Nag, Diganth, Pawan Kumar, Vaibhavi Shandilya, Samyuktha Menon, Sharmila Mandre
  • IMDb Rating: 6.1
  • Director: Yograj Bhat
  • Where to watch: Zee5
  • Box Office Collection: Rs 35 crore.
  • Domestic Collection: Not specified.
  • International Collection: Not specified.

Gandhada Gudi

Gandhada Gudi is a classic Kannada film masterpiece that has captivated audiences for many years. This legendary film, directed by Vijay, takes viewers on an exhilarating trip full of action, drama, and a powerful social message.

The plot centres around Shankar, a forest officer brilliantly performed by Rajkumar. Shankar courageously opposes a corrupt timber gang that exploits the region’s natural resources and indigenous people. The film’s greatest strength is its outstanding performances, particularly Rajkumar’s portrayal of Shankar, which is genuinely astounding, capturing the essence of the character with depth and conviction.

  • Cast: Rachel David, Darling Krishna, Rachana Inder, Milana Nagaraj, Amrutha Iyengar
  • IMDB Rating: 7.5
  • Director: Darling Krishna
  • Where to Watch: Amazon Prime Video
  • Box Office Collection: Rs. 16 crores
  • Domestic Collection: Not specified.
  • International Collection: Not specified.

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Love Mocktail 2


In the midst of trying to maintain a façade of a normal life, Adi finds himself grappling with the profound loss of his beloved wife, Nidhi. Yet, just when the weight of grief threatens to consume him, a ray of hope emerges in the form of Sihi, a delightful and compassionate young woman who wholeheartedly dedicates herself to aiding Adi in his journey towards healing. Sihi is kind and compassionate, and she understands what Adi is going through. Eventually, they fall in love and are happy together.

  • Cast: Puneeth Rajkumar, Puneeth Rajkumar, Amoghavarsha, Amardeep Chahal, Ashwini, and Puneeth Rajkumar.
  • IMDB Rating: 9
  • Director: Amoghavarsha J. S.
  • Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video
  • Box Office Collection: Rs. 13.65 crores
  • Domestic Collection: Not specified. 
  • International Collection: Not specified.

Guru Sishyaru

This film, directed by a creative team, takes viewers on an emotional journey full of inspiring moments and heartfelt connections. The plot centres on a wise mentor and his enthusiastic student. A skilful actor plays the mentor, who imparts essential life lessons and assists the learner in discovering their actual self.

The characters grow and build a close bond as they engage and go through adventures together, going beyond the conventional student-teacher relationship. Guru Sishyaru’s moving plot, astute directing, and passionate performances leave an indelible impression and remind us of the transformational power of guidance and friendship in our lives.

  • Cast: Sharan, Nishvika Naidu, H. G. Dattatreya, Suresh Heblikar, Apurva Kasaravalli, Mahanthesh Hiremath, peon, Hruday Sharan, MS Jahangir, Headmaster, and Ekanth Prem.
  • IMDb Rating: 7.9
  • Director: Jadesh Kumar Hampi.
  • Where to Watch: Amazon Prime Video and Zee5.
  • Box Office Collection: Rs. 6.47 crore.
  • Domestic Collection: Rs. 6.47 crore.
  • International Collection: Not specified

Lucky Man

Lucky Man is an enthralling Kannada film that transports viewers on a journey of fate and redemption. The film, directed by Santhosh Ananddram, delivers a compelling story that keeps audiences captivated from start to finish. 

The story follows the main character, who is played by a great ensemble cast, as he navigates the trials and struggles of everyday life. It goes into the concept of luck and how it influences one’s fate. The protagonist undergoes a personal shift because of a sequence of unexpected events and encounters, leading to self-discovery and progress.

  • Cast: Puneeth Rajkumar, Darling Krishna, Sangeetha Sringeri, Roshni Prakash, Nagabhushana, Rangayana Raghu, Sundar Raj, Sudha Belawadi, Sadhu Kokila, Yogaraj Bhat, Prabhu Deva.
  • IMDb Rating: 7.4
  • Director: Nagendra Prasad.
  • Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video
  • Box Office Collection: Rs. 9.7 crore
  • Domestic Collection: Rs. 9.1 crore
  • International Collection: Rs. 0.6 crore.

Here is a list of the top 10 highest-grossing Kannada films that have managed to leave an impression at the box office with their incredible storyline, plot, cast members, and compelling plots. These movies feature a variety of genres, be it romance, drama, action, thriller, or suspense, so fans can expect a good range of content. If you are looking for some good movies that will surely keep you entertained from the very start and comes with an exciting plot.  


1. Which is the highest-grossing Kannada movie to date?

K.G.F Chapter Two, which was released in the year 2022, happens to be the highest-grossing Kannada movie to date. 

2. How are box office collections calculated for Kannada movies?

When it comes to calculating box office collections for Kannada movies, it’s similar to how it’s done in other film industries. Box office collections are defined as the entire amount of money a film collects through sales of tickets while it continues to air in theatres. The collections are obtained by multiplying the total quantity of tickets sold by the selling price of every ticket.

Box office collections for Kannada movies, as well as for movies in other languages, are calculated based on various factors, including ticket sales, distribution, and reporting from theaters. Here’s how box office collections are typically calculated for Kannada movies:

  1. Gross Collection: The gross collection refers to the total amount of money generated from ticket sales across all theaters showing the movie. It’s the most straightforward measure of a movie’s earnings before any deductions.
  2. Net Collection: The net collection is the gross collection minus the entertainment tax, which is levied by the state government. The net collection reflects the actual revenue earned by the filmmakers and distributors.
  3. Share to Producers/Distributors: The share refers to the portion of the net collection that is distributed among the film’s producers and distributors. This amount is usually agreed upon in advance based on contractual agreements.
  4. Return on Investment (ROI): ROI is a key indicator of a movie’s success. It’s calculated by dividing the net collection by the movie’s budget. A higher ROI indicates that the movie has performed well financially.
  5. Territory-wise Collections: Collections are often reported on a territory-wise basis, where different regions or territories contribute to the overall box office performance. This allows producers and distributors to track which areas are performing better.
  6. First Day Collection: The first day collection is the amount earned on the movie’s opening day. It’s an important indicator of the initial audience response.
  7. Weekend and Weekday Collections: Collections are often reported separately for weekends (Friday to Sunday) and weekdays. This helps analyze the movie’s sustained performance over time.
  8. Lifetime Collection: The lifetime collection represents the total earnings of a movie throughout its theatrical run. It includes all the revenues earned until the movie stops screening in theaters.
  9. Box Office Reports: Box office collections are reported by theaters to industry trade magazines and websites. These reports help track a movie’s performance and rankings.
  10. Publicity and Marketing Costs: While box office collections primarily focus on revenue, it’s important to consider the costs of marketing and publicity, which can impact the overall profitability of a movie.
  11. Overseas Collections: For movies with international releases, overseas collections are also calculated in a similar manner, taking into account the revenue generated from ticket sales in various countries.

It’s important to note that accurate box office reporting is crucial for the industry to track a movie’s success and for making informed decisions for future projects. While the methods of calculating box office collections are fairly consistent, variations can occur based on local market dynamics, reporting accuracy, and industry practices.

3. Has any Kannada movie achieved international success?

Yes, there have been quite a few Kannada movies that have managed to achieve international success and gained recognition throughout the global audience. A few of these movies include K.G.F Chapter 2, Kantara, Yajamana, Thithi, and many more.

4. What are the top-grossing Kannada movies of the current year?

The top-grossing Kannada movies of the year 2023 include Kabzaa, Kranti, and Gurudev Hoysala.