Huawei Plans to Introduce a Smartphone with Quad-Camera Setup and 10X Optical Zoom in 2019

Huawei explains its plan in details for 2019 and talks about quad-camera smartphones, 5G, and becoming the top smartphone brand.


Huawei has done many impressive things in the last few years. The Chinese smartphone maker was the first to release a smartphone with triple rear cameras. The P20 Pro (review) is still considered to have one of the best cameras on a smartphone. It still holds the top spot on DxOMark, even above the latest iPhone XS Max. The company is currently the second largest smartphone brand in the world, beating Apple in the last two quarters consecutively. In a recent interview, Huawei talks about its plans for 2019 and how we can expect a phone with a quad-camera setup.

Huawei Smartphone with Quad-Camera

While Huawei did start the trend of including more than two rear cameras on a smartphone, it will not be the first to use quad-cameras. The Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) is the first device to include four cameras at the back. Nevertheless, you can expect Huawei’s implementation to be much better than Samsung’s. The Huawei P20 Pro with three rear cameras is still the best among all available smartphones. Therefore, it’s within reason to expect the next Huawei device to be even better.

Huawei recently released the Mate 20 Pro, which also includes a triple rear camera setup that is similar to the P20 Pro. All eyes are on the P30 Pro, though, and it is quite possible that Huawei could add four rear cameras on this one. The company did not officially confirm this, but Walter Ji, President of Huawei Consumer Business said in the interview that we can expect four cameras on a smartphone next year.

Apart from adding four cameras, Huawei also wants to improve the optical zoom on its next flagship smartphone. It intends to add up to 10X optical zoom, which is much more than what current flagships can do.

“Three or five times the zoom is not enough, ten times the zoom in consistent quality with the smartphone, this is unique! In these areas, we research, and there we could have one or the other surprise for you.”

Huawei’s President of Consumer Business, Walter Ji, spoke to Android Pit in an exclusive interview and revealed more about its plans for 2019. The company is also working on a foldable smartphone, which it will reveal in the first half of next year. In the interview, Ji stated that cheaper entry-level smartphones are not of much interest to Huawei and that it will focus more on flagship devices next year. It will also not shift its focus to Android One and will continue to stick with EMUI.

Huawei’s Plan for 2019

Apart from introducing a smartphone with quad-cameras and foldable smartphones, Huawei has more plans for 2019. The company is focusing on the upcoming 5G networks and plans to introduce smartphones with 5G capabilities. It will also be investing more resources and time on improving its AI-features on EMUI. The latest Kirin 980 chipset has a dedicated NPU chip which can perform some neat AI tricks. Huawei wants to use AI to improve the battery life of its devices as well.

The company plans on opening large new Huawei stores around the world, similar to Apple and Samsung stores. Around 20 of these stores will be spread across Europe alone. Ultimately, Huawei’s goal is to dethrone Samsung from the top spot and be the number one smartphone brand in 2019.