Instagram Planning to Introduce Subscriptions for Exclusive Content, App Listing Suggests

Instagram is seemingly set to offer a monthly subscription model priced at Rs 89, giving followers access to exclusive creator content.


Instagram has listed in-app subscriptions on the iOS App Store at Rs 89 per month, suggesting that it is soon going to introduce an official subscription model on the platform. Instagram chief Adam Mosseri had earlier stated that the company plans to eventually introduce subscriptions, in order to monetise the platform and give creators a way for users earn through their profiles officially. The move comes shortly after Facebook announced incentives for creators to offer subscriptions to their content – while bypassing Apple’s own payment platform.

The new Instagram Subscriptions model is listed at Rs 89 per month. For this fee, subscribers will reportedly get access to exclusive stories and posts from creators. Paying followers will apparently also get a ‘member’ badge, which will appear in interactions between the subscribers and creators. Reports state that such payments will also “prioritise” such interactions, although it’s not quite clear how, as of now.

Reports have also suggested that eventually, Instagram will allow creators to customise their subscription names and pricing. On this note, the Rs 89 monthly fee may be an introductory model that Instagram is testing, following which it may allow creators to charge a subscription price that they deem fit. It is also not clear if the Instagram Subscriptions programme will also bypass Apple’s own payment instruments and allow creators to send potential subscribers a payment link via SMS or email – based on Facebook Pay.

The latter, if enforced, could be similar to the Facebook creator programme introduced recently. However, the app presently advertises the Rs 89 monthly subscription fee within the Apple App Store, which suggests that initially, payments may be handled within the app itself. Recurring subscriptions for creators is a new concept that social platforms including Twitter appear to be testing, which can help monetise accounts beyond brand partnerships and collaborations that they strike outside the platform.

This may also help companies such as Instagram eventually earn a share of creator revenues based on their in-app subscriptions – giving them an additional monetisation layer beyond ads that are already served on the platform.