Google Unveils Android 14 for TV: Improved Efficiency, Picture-in-Picture Support 

  • Google has announced Android 14 for TV, which enhances performance, reduces power consumption, and offers features like Picture-in-Picture.
  • The Gemini AI is also part of Android TV now.

Google is hosting its I/O event of the year, where it has announced that Android 14 is finally making its way to Android TV and Google TV. It’s been three years since the last update, and currently, Android TVs are running on the Android 12 version.

The latest update enhances performance, reduces power consumption, offers features like Picture-in-Picture, and more. We have compiled all the details about Android 14 for TV and its new features:

Android 14 for TV: New Features

Here are all the new features and enhancements for the Android TVs with the latest update:

  • Performance and Sustainability: According to Google, the new Android 14 for TV is designed to be “snappier and more responsive” than its predecessor. It will significantly improve performance and startup times (up to 4 seconds sometimes). TVs with lower RAMs will also witness a performance jump.
  • OS Updates: The tech giant has also made some changes to the OS. Now it will come with an “enhanced” text options and “improved” navigation. Google has also tweaked some colours on the OS, and all these features are said to be toggled using remote shortcuts.
  • Energy-Saving Mode: Google has also introduced a new energy-saving mode that cuts off network connectivity when the TV is not being used. This mode is said to reduce power usage.
  • Picture-in-Picture Support: Users can continue watching content while browsing the home screen or exploring other apps. However, the company has stated that the PiP mode will only be available on “qualified Android 14 TV models,” which means all TVs will not have this feature, at least for now. It also doesn’t allow users to watch two media apps simultaneously.
  • Gemini AI on TV: The search giant is including AI in almost every offering, and Android TV is not exempt. The company has included its Gemini AI on Android 14 for TV, which will generate descriptions of movies and TV shows in the Featured carousel on the home screen in the user’s native language. However, this will only happen if no description or details are available.

Android 14 for TV Availability

Google has announced that the Android 14 for TV is available for developers through the TV emulator. It will start rolling out on consumer devices later this year.