Google Gemini Now Lets Users Edit AI-Generated Responses: Here’s How to Use

  • Gemini users can now highlight incorrect text in responses and edit them for accuracy.
  • The Google AI chatbot has faced controversies lately due to inaccurate responses.

Google Gemini is receiving a new update release to improve the accuracy of AI-generated responses. According to the official Gemini Release Updates blog post, the latest update allows for fine-tuning Gemini’s responses for improved accuracy.

However, the update is rolling out to Gemini web app users only. Currently, the feature is only available for English users, but we can expect it to roll out for other languages soon.

Let’s delve into the latest Google Gemini update and how to edit responses to get accurate information.

How to Edit Google Gemini Responses?

Google has made fine-tuning the Gemini responses pretty straightforward. Below are the steps to edit Gemini responses to improve the accuracy further.

  1. Go to the Google Gemini web page.
  2. Enter your prompt in the text box.
  3. Check the AI-generated response for inaccuracy.
  4. Highlight the inaccurate text using a mouse or touchpad.
  5. Click on the Pen icon that appears after highlighting.
  6. Add further prompts to fine-tune the response.
Google Gemini users can now edit generated responses.
Google Gemini users can now edit generated responses.

Gemini’s Recent Controversies

Google Gemini has already been embroiled in several controversies because of some inaccurate responses. For context, after the recent controversy surrounding Gemini’s description of the Prime Minister of India, the company stated that the large language model (LLM) is still under development and might be unreliable.

In the aftermath of the same, MeitY issued an advisory for tech firms to seek approval before launching under-development and unreliable AI models in India.

In the past, Gemini has also been criticised for generating historically inaccurate and racially provoking images. Google quickly acknowledged the issue in both cases and apologised, stating that Gemini is currently under testing and is unreliable.