Google Podcasts to Shut Down Globally in June 2024

  • Google Podcasts has already stopped working in the United States.
  • Google wants users to migrate to YouTube Music to continue listening to podcasts.

Google Podcasts will shut down globally starting June 2024. The deadline has now been added to the official YouTube Music Help support page. The updated information surfaced a few weeks after the service was shut down in the United States. The team is urging users to migrate their podcast data to YouTube Music or some other podcast service to continue listening to podcasts.

Google Podcasts Global Shutdown Details

The updated support page mentions Google Podcasts will continue to work for users outside the United States until “mid-to-late June 2024.” All global users will have until July 29, 2024, to migrate to YouTube Music or export their podcast subscriptions to another service.

It is currently unknown if Google Podcasts will stop working for everyone globally simultaneously or if it will be a phased shutdown based on region. We checked the app and it’s showing June 24 as the deadline after which the Google Podcasts app will stop working.

For those who don’t know, Google announced its decision to shut down the Podcasts application in September last year. Its goal is to offer YouTube Music as a standalone app for all audio needs. YouTube Music’s Explore tab will get a new “Podcasts” option with a list of popular podcasts across different categories and genres. Many of these are also inspired by your YouTube watch history.

How to Transfer Your Google Podcasts Subscriptions to YouTube Music or Another Service?

  1. Tap the new Export Subscriptions option at the top of the Google Podcasts app. This will take you to the export user interface.
  2. Choose Export under the ‘Export to YouTube Music’ option.
  3. Now, select the Transfer option in the YouTube Music app and follow the on-screen instructions and you are done.

Note: You can also transfer your Google Podcasts subscriptions to a third-party app and can select the Export to another app option for this.