iPhone 17 Set To Feature Enhanced 24MP Front-Facing Camera: Report

iPhone 17 Upgrade: Better Selfies, Pricier Tech!

  • iPhone 17 to feature a doubled 24MP front camera for sharper selfies.
  • The upgraded six-element lens system promises clearer, distortion-free photos with improved low-light performance.
  • Taiwanese company Yujingguang will supply the advanced lens, which is expected to be 100-120% more expensive.

In a recent post on Medium, tech analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has revealed Apple’s plans for the iPhone 17, hinting at a major upgrade to its front-facing camera. If the reports hold true, the iPhone 17 will feature an impressive 24-megapixel front camera, a substantial jump from the current 12-megapixel setup on the iPhone 14 and 15. The selfie camera has long been due for an upgrade on the iPhone, but it looks the wait for this will continue for users.

According to Kuo’s post, the increased resolution should deliver sharper and more detailed selfies. With 24 megapixels, photos can maintain quality even when cropped, offering more flexibility in editing. It’s a practical enhancement that could make a noticeable difference in everyday photography.

Backing up the megapixel boost is a switch to a six-element lens. While it may not sound flashy, each lens element is designed to correct distortions, resulting in clearer and more accurate photos. The added benefit is better performance in low-light conditions, thanks to improved light transmission to the camera sensor.

Yujingguang, a Taiwanese company, is reportedly set to provide the new lens system for the iPhone 17, according to Kuo. It is stated to be 100 to 120 per cent more expensive than the current 5P lens system, so this would also mean that the iPhone 17 series could be more expensive.

Similarly, the same company is also said to be working on the periscope lens setup for the iPhone 16 Pro. In both models, an enhanced zoom camera is anticipated, a feature currently limited to the larger and pricier iPhone 15 Pro Max. The iPhone 16 Pro series is expected to include a high-resolution 48 MP ultra-wide-angle lens (0.7um/(1/2.6″)), marking the first time such a lens will be featured on an iPhone along with a 48 MP wide-angle lens. Besides, it seems that the telephoto lens on the upcoming iPhone models might maintain a 12MP resolution.

Under Display Face ID on iPhone 17 Pro

The iPhone 17 Pro is expected to bring another change by introducing under-panel Face ID technology. Despite this advancement, the circular cutout for the front-facing camera will likely stick around. However, industry insiders predict that this circular cutout will soon make way for under-display cameras in Apple’s 2027 “Pro” iPhone models, aiming for that elusive “all-screen” look.

As we anticipate the iPhone 16 and 17’s arrival, it’s clear that Apple is placing a strong emphasis on upgrading the selfie game. The combination of a higher megapixel count and a more sophisticated lens points towards a practical improvement in everyday photography.