iPhone 15 Pro Max Users Complain About Rattling Sound From the Earpiece

Multiple users on Reddit and Twitter have reported a distorted sound effect on the new iPhones

  • iPhone 15 Pro Max users are experiencing a distorted sound output from the earpiece of their phone.
  • The issue has been confirmed by multiple users on Reddit and Twitter.
  • Apple has not commented on this situation yet.

The iPhone 15 Series has been received well by Apple users globally, with the introduction of USB-C, and a new display design. Apple started shipping orders for the iPhone 15 on September 22, and users have taken the internet by storm, sharing their experiences with the new Apple flagship.

However, the iPhone 15 Series has also received criticism such as brittle glass back and overheating on the iPhone 15 Pro models. A new potential drawback has now surfaced online, where users are complaining of a rattling sound from the earpiece of their iPhone 15.

iPhone 15 Users Experience Rattling Sound From Earpiece

Multiple owners of the iPhone 15, and iPhone 15 Pro have complained about a rattling sound from the earpiece of their new device. The issue is noticed when users set the volume of their new iPhone above 80% and experience a distorted sound.

Reddit user WoodenAlternative212 posted about the problem online, with their iPhone 15 Pro Max. As per the user, the sound distortion problem has been present from day one of their iPhone usage. The user also added that the audio sounds as if the speakers have been damaged with water.

iphone 15 pro max ratlling sound reddit

Soon, another Reddit user joined the thread sharing the same experience with their iPhone 15 Pro Max. The second user says that the problem is noticed only on specific media at full volume. The user confirms that the audio experience on their new iPhone is not consistent.

The same sound problem was also reported by PlayfulLow7367 on their iPhone 15 Plus. The user took the device to the Apple Service Center, where technicians confirmed that the device indeed had a distorted sound effect on some occasions. However, Apple refused to provide a replacement unit as there was no physical damage to the phone.

As of now, the original Reddit post has over 70+ comments, with multiple users sharing similar experiences of rattling and distorted sounds from their new iPhone. The problem has been spotted on almost every model of the iPhone 15 Series.

Twitter user MilesAboveTech has shared a video, demonstrating the rattling sound on the iPhone 15 Pro Max over 80% volume. The user says that he is experiencing the same problem on his replacement unit as well. Furthermore, he also added that all the display units of the iPhone 15 Series at BestBuy had the same problem.

Apple is yet to acknowledge the rattling sound issue on the new iPhones. However, the number of complaints from users over this topic has been increasing day by day.

iPhone 15 Series Continues To Recieve Complaints

The iPhone 15 Series has faced a lot of complaints from users all over the world. On the launch day, users complained about quality-control issues on the iPhone 15 Pro models where they noticed scuff marks on the titanium frame of the phone.

A couple of days later, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max started complaining about overheating issues with their devices. Users reported that their new iPhone would get uncomfortably warm to the touch even with normal usage. Apple has officially acknowledged the heating issue, citing a bug in iOS 17 as the culprit. The company has promised a software update to fix this problem.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max was also criticized by users for having an easily breakable glass back panel. Users are speculating that the titanium frame is putting extra pressure on the glass back, causing it to crack even with slight pressure. However, some users have reported otherwise where the phone did not crack even after dropping from 10 feet height.

The iPhone 15 Series has been in the market for just two weeks now. The initial impressions have been mixed so far where users are praising the new iPhones for USB-C and new design, while others are complaining about niggles with their devices. The situation is expected to improve with time as Apple is slowly addressing these issues as per their high customer service standards.