iPhone 16 Series Will Reportedly Feature Action Button on All Models

After USB-C and Dynamic Island, the Action button could be next big upgrade for the base model iPhones

  • iPhone 16 Series may completely replace the mute switch with the Action Button.
  • Apple is reportedly working on a capacitive action button, instead of a mechanical button.
  • These changes are not just expected on the Pro models, but also on the base models of upcoming iPhone 16 and the iPhone 16 Plus.

The iPhone 15 Series saw several upgrades this year as Apple upgraded the base model with a Dynamic Island, getting rid of the notch. The biggest change was Apple’s shift to USB-C, leaving behind the legacy of the lightning port.

Apple also made a major change with its signature mute switch, replacing it with an Action Button on the Pro models. It is now being reported that the upcoming iPhone 16 Series may feature an action button on all models. This could be the biggest upsetting change in the iPhone’s ports since the removal of the headphone jack, as the mute switch has been a signature feature on iPhones for a long time.

Apple Could Replace Mute Switch With Action Button on All Models

Macrumors has reported that Apple is planning a complete overhaul of its Action button. The company is expected to replace the mute switch on the base models with the new Action button starting with the iPhone 16. Apple may also make the button more powerful by adding more features.

The action button itself may also get an upgrade, as reports suggest that Apple could make it a capacitive key, instead of a mechanical button. This new version of the action button is codenamed ‘Atlas’ and may feature on all models with the ucpoming iPhone 16 Series.

This new button may get a pressure sensing sensor beneath and function exactly like the existing action button through just touch input, similar to the Touch ID on the iPhone 7. However, these changes are speculated based on pre-product information through internal documents. Apple is known to be secretive with its launches, and the actual implementation could be slightly different on the iPhone 16 Series.

Why Some Users Are Upset About the Removal of the Mute Switch

iphone 14 mute switch
iPhone 14 Mute Switch (Image: Business Insider)

The new Action button offers plenty of customization options to users, offering features to toggle flashlight, open shortcuts, and may other things. It also retains the functionality where users can continue to use the action button as a regular mute switch.

Despite this, some users still prefer the older mute switch. Some people say that its the satisfaction of flipping a switch which makes them like it, while others say that its easier to identify when the iPhone is set on silent just by looking at the older mute switch.

Considering that Apple has already replaced the mute switch with the action button on the Pro models, it will be no surprise if the company does the same on the upcoming base models. Apple’s decisions in hardware changes are svereal times criticized by users during the launch, but eventually users start appreciating it as the company seamlessly integrates its new changes using its software.

The iPhone 16 Series launch is still a long way to go. Apple is still refining its Action button on the iPhone 15 Pro models, and is expected to bring translation features on it with an upcoming update.