Here’s a Sneak Peak into iQOO Z9’s Camera Capabilities


iQOO devices are usually known for delivering high-performance, value-for-money smartphones. Think of them as BMW’s M-division, focused heavily on speed. However, iQOO seems to be changing that perception with recent devices. The iQOO 12 impressed many with its serious photography chops. Now, the company is about to launch its mid-range offering, the iQOO Z9, which also places a heavy emphasis on photography. We recently got our hands on the device, and here’s how it performed in different lighting conditions.

iQOO Z9 Camera Features and Key Specifications

The upcoming iQOO Z9 is all about simplicity this time. The device features a straightforward dual-camera setup at the back, boasting a 50MP Sony IMX882 primary sensor – a claimed industry first in this segment. The device is set to deliver practical functionality with support for Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and up to 2X zoom in portrait mode. Additionally, it offers features like 4K video recording and a Super Night Mode. Now, let’s dive into some camera samples and discuss its performance in real-world scenarios.

Yes, there’s no ultrawide here, but the primary camera tries to bridge the gap with a 26mm focal length.

iQOO Z9: Daylight Camera Performance

The iQOO Z9 excels in capturing bright and sharp images during daylight. Even in direct sunlight, the camera performs admirably, retaining ample details and colours in the shadows without overexposing the sky. The phone’s capability to produce great images persists even in overcast conditions, maintaining details without darkening the image excessively or fading out colours.

The colours appear natural in bright, sunny conditions, showcasing a perfect balance between saturation and contrast. Notably, the iQOO Z9’s zooming capabilities stand out. It maintains colour, contrast, and sharpness while zooming in, avoiding the artificial-looking sharpness found in many mid-range devices.

Overall, the iQOO Z9 impresses in daylight scenarios with its vibrant colours, intricate details, and commendable dynamic range.

The question remains: does this performance extend to low-light and portrait modes? Let’s explore further.

iQOO Z9: Portrait Mode

The iQOO Z9 stands out in its portrait mode, showcasing impressive zooming capabilities. Our testing revealed that the smartphone can produce aesthetically pleasing bokeh effects, as evident in the images. The edge detection on the iQOO Z9 generally performs well.

However, considering its mid-range classification, there isn’t much to complain about. It’s important to note that the portrait shots taken with this device are commendable and more than sufficient for posting on Instagram.

iQOO Z9: Low-light Camera Performance

The iQOO Z9 delivers an impressive show in low-light conditions, making its Super Night Mode a standout feature. Despite the device’s positioning, we were pleasantly surprised by the excellent photos it captured at night. The iQOO Z9 effectively manages colours, avoiding excessive darkening of the night sky or introducing unwanted noise.

In pitch-dark conditions, the iQOO Z9 performs remarkably well, avoiding the need for artificial light or excessive noise in the images.

So basically, the Super Night Mode on the iQOO Z9 proves dependable, allowing users to capture appealing images even in completely dark situations.

iQOO Z9 Camera: Verdict

To wrap it up, the iQOO Z9 seems like a strong mid-range contender that surprises with its camera capabilities.

iqoo z9

It performs well in daylight, offers decent portrait shots, and truly shines in low-light situations. However, there are still aspects of this smartphone that we need to test out, so keep an eye out for our full review of the iQOO Z9 on MySmartPrice.