[Exclusive] Infinix GT Book Coming to India; Key Specs and Pricing Range Revealed

  • We have gathered key specs and pricing ranges for the upcoming Infinix GT Book.
  • It will be a budget gaming laptop with Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics.

Infinix is known for its value-for-money smartphones, but it is now gearing up to unveil a new laptop in India. A trusted industry source has revealed that the Infinix GT Book laptop is coming to India and will cost under Rs 65,000. The sources also revealed some key specs of the laptop along with its design. Here’s everything you need to know about:

Infinix GT Book Key Specs

The Infinix GT Book will be a budget gaming laptop featuring a 16-inch FHD 120Hz display. It will also have a unified app, GT Control Center, designed to add ease of use and the ability to control, manage, and optimise the system and RGB settings.

Moreover, the laptop will be available in three different configurations: Intel Core i9 13th Gen with Nvidia GeForce RTX4060, Intel Core i5 13th Gen with Nvidia GeForce RTX4050 and Intel Core i5 12th Gen with Nvidia GeForce RTX3050.

Infinix GT Book Design

In addition to its powerful internals, the GT Book will boast a sleek metal body with a Mecha Design. The laptop will have a Mecha Bar, a fully customisable RGB LED array on the back, with 4 dedicated modes and a full-scale colour pallet for customisation. As you can see, the laptop will be available in two shades: silver and dark grey.