Man Rigs Samsung Galaxy S10+ With a 14000mAh Battery, Here’s What Happened Next

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus has a 4100 mAh battery out of the box, and this man added an extra 10,000 mAh battery of his own.


You know how we always keep asking Samsung (and pretty much every other smartphone maker) to put bigger batteries on smartphones? Well, it seems someone did something about it. But it isn’t Samsung. A Reddit user, who goes by the username T-VIRUS 691, posted images showing a 14000 mAh battery attached to a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. How? He simply added a 10000 mAh battery on top of the 4100 mAh unit that comes out of the box on the Galaxy S10 Plus. The results aren’t particularly pretty, but the user claims it’s working fine…more than fine.

The user claimed that the phone was running at high performance levels, its AMOLED screens are working fine, as is the headphone jack. The SD card slot on the phone is doing fine too, while the Edge screen responds fine as well. The man even says that he can get “true all day battery life” and is able to charge his wife’s Galaxy S10 5G without leaving himself without power. It seems only the NFC isn’t working, which is because of circuity issues.

He also posted a battery graph, which suggests over 10 hours of battery life on a full charge. “The first half of the graph was with the original battery (draining it to match the same voltage of the 10,000mah cell i added) and the second half of the graph is heavy usage with the 14,000mah total capacity (continuous tethering, youtube, max screen brightness.etc) to drain the battery as fast as possible in order to calibrate the battery meter,” the person said along with his photo. The full photo is available here, but we have attached a screenshot below.

Well, this might be the only way to get such a huge battery on a flagship device. Bigger batteries take more space, and cost much more for the company, which means they’re unlikely to make a big battery a flagship feature. At the moment, most flagship phones give you 7-10 hours of continuous battery life, which is enough for a work day, but doesn’t really mean 24 hour battery life.

To be fair, it doesn’t seem like this man’s 14000 mAh battery lasted all day either, but at least he claims it was much better. One wonders how he’ll pass this through airport security though.