Meta May Lose $12.8 Billion For Not Being Able To Track Your Facebook Activity Because of Apple; Why It’s Good For Us


Tech giants Meta (Facebook) and Apple have not been seeing eye to eye lately. Ever since the iPhone maker introduced its App Tracking Transparency feature last year, the social media firm has been losing advertisement money. As expected, Facebook saw it coming and didn’t favour this move by Apple. Although the iPhone maker introduced the feature, it was optional for users. This gave Facebook a chance to convince them to opt for switching off Apple’s ATT feature. For this, it showed several notifications inside the main app and Instagram as well.

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However, it seems like the majority of iPhone users preferred to keep Apple’s privacy feature switched on. This is understandable considering the positives of user privacy is rapidly gaining eyeballs around the globe since there has been a considerable rise in cyber security lapse issues and data sharing instances in recent years. Not to forget the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal.

What is Apple’s App Tracking Transparency, How To Activate It?

Apple’s App Tracking Transparency feature was good news for many users last year as a part of iOS 14. The aim of the feature is to prevent third-party tracking in apps such as Facebook or other social media or video streaming apps. This will stop app companies from tracking your digital footprint and targeting you with ads everywhere. The feature is optional but can also be manually switched on/off. All you need to do is to navigate through Settings app > Privacy > Tracking > Tap the toggle switch next to the app to change if you want it to track you or not.

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When Apple introduced its App Tracking Transparency feature, it wasn’t really clear how much money Facebook lost as a result. Now, a report from Apple Insider seems to have an estimation. As per the report, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook might be facing a $12.8 billion blow – as a direct impact of Apple’s feature. Since the firm is not able to track you in their apps, it cannot target you with ads – which results in the big money drain for the firm.

How Much Facebook, Twitter, Snap, YouTube & Others Are Losing?

Facebook, however, is not the only company facing the heat of Apple’s ATT feature. Other platforms including Snap, Twitter and Youtube are affected as well. As per the report, these companies along with others may collectively lose around $16 billion due to Apple’s privacy feature.

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According to research by the firm Lotame, the impact of Apple’s ATT will be seen this year as well. However, Apple is not completely killing the advertisers. The firm introduced a new framework for them but without any user tracking. Out of the collective $16 billion impact, Facebook is expected to lose around 81% share, while Snap, Twitter and YouTube could lose around $545 million, $323 million and $2.2 billion respectively.

However, Snap and Twitter seem to be a step ahead and seem to have adapted to the situation. They have started working on Apple’s given framework already. Facebook too is reportedly reducing its dependency on Apple. This means advertisers could see new ways in which they could earn more.