Microsoft Working on a Windows Update With Groundbreaking AI Features; Expected to Release in 2024

Microsoft is reportedly building Windows from ground up to integrated AI features.

  • Microsoft is readying a new Windows release with groundbreaking AI innovations.
  • The new Windows release with AI features could either be Windows 12 or a new Windows 11 upgrade.
  • The next Windows release is expected to arrive in late 2024.

AI has been around for a while but it’s truly coming into its element in 2023. With Google Gemini 1.0 announced, Meta Testing AI features on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, and more, it seems that AI will become mainstream going forward. The newest tech behemoth to hop on the AI bandwagon is Microsoft. The Satya Nadella-led company added AI-powered Copilot assistant and Cocreator to Windows 11 with the massive 2023 update.

Now, Windows Central reports that the company is working on a new Windows release —which could be another massive Windows 11 upgrade or Windows 12— from the ground up to integrate groundbreaking AI features. The next release is said to be coming in 2024 but no specific timeline has been revealed by the report. Let’s take a look at what’s in store for Microsoft’s next big Windows release.

Next Windows Release Will Reportedly Bring Advanced AI Features

The Windows Central report states that with Windows Chief Panos Panay exiting and new leadership coming to the helm, the Windows rollout cycle is being revamped. Instead of a major upgrade every three years and smaller feature drops every month, Microsoft is now planning to release a major upgrade every year with sporadic feature drops that too without any major features. Having said that, this change will come into effect after the next big release, which is Hudson Valley, and is speculated to arrive in late 2024.

As of now, it’s not clear whether Hudson Valley is a major Windows 11 upgrade or a whole new Windows 12 upgrade. The report suggests that it could be a Windows 11 upgrade because Microsoft wouldn’t want to fragment its user base further with another new upgrade. The report states that currently, Windows has 1.4 billion users with 400 million Windows 11 users and around 1 billion Windows 10 users, who are unable to upgrade due to system requirements constraints. A new Windows 12 will be counterproductive to Microsoft’s attempt to pull an Apple and unify its user base on the same Windows version.

The report also reveals that Microsoft is building the new release from the ground up to integrate next-generation AI features throughout the operating system with the help of dedicated NPU hardware from silicon makers like Intel and AMD. These features will include the likes of Windows Sheel, Advanced Copilot, Super Resolution, AI-based search, and more.

Windows 12 Expected AI Features

The Windows Central report has revealed several AI-based features that are coming to the Windows upgrade next year. Let’s take a look at these features below.

  • AI-powered Windows Shell: Microsoft is integrating AI deep into the Windows Shell itself and backing it with an upgraded Copilot to enable groundbreaking AI features at the core level.
  • Smart History: Windows will reportedly bring back the Windows Timeline feature from Windows 10 in a new avatar. The smart history feature will allow users to comb through all apps and sites Copilot remembers.
  • Smart Search: Windows will enable natural language search in the Windows search function. Users will be able to search using queries like “Find me the spreadsheet Bill sent me on Slack two weeks ago.” Using AI, Windows Search will be able to understand the query and find the desired file.
  • Super Resolution: Windows Central says that the next Windows update will bring something called Super Resolution, which will utilise the onboard NPU to upscale visual quality. This is similar to NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR but on the system level within the OS itself. This is significant because DLSS and FSR is not supported by all games but the native function could.
  • AI Wallpapers: The next Windows update might offer parallax-style AI wallpapers that shift based on the movements on display. This will be made possible by using AI to identify various layers in the desktop wallpapers.
  • Smart Live Captions: Microsoft is reportedly also working on improving the live caption feature added in Windows 11. With the help of AI, Live Caption will reportedly be able to translate multiple languages and display across videos, real-time, and live calls.