Redmi K40 Pro with Snapdragon 875 SoC Coming Soon? Redmi Chief Teases a New Smartphone Made on 5nm Process

The upcoming Redmi K40 Pro smartphone could very well be powered by the upcoming flagship Snapdragon 875 processor. And now that the brand has started teasing the device, we can expect it to launch soon.


Xiaomi’s sub-brand Redmi has launched several smartphones in its Redmi K30 lineup of devices. The Redmi K30 Ultra was only recently launched and it looks like the brand has already started gearing up for the launch of a new smartphone, which could possibly be the Redmi K40 Pro. Company officials have started teasing the launch of an upcoming smartphone, which will be built on a 5nm architecture-based processor. Take a look at the recent developments and find out what we can get to see in the upcoming Redmi K40 Pro smartphone.

Redmi K40 Pro could be in the works; Snapdragon 875 processor expected

Redmi K40 Pro 5nm
A smartphone running on a 5nm processor is already being teased by company officials

Lu Weibing recently hinted at the launch of an upcoming Redmi device, which will be making use of a 5nm processor. Here’s what the Weibo post says (roughly translated from Chinese):

I didn’t expect air4 to use a 5nm processor first, and this one is worth considering. By the way, capacity limits will be tight next year for 5nm processors

As seen in the text above, Redmi appears to be interested in the 5nm technology and we might get to see the Redmi K40 Pro smartphone making use of it. Adding to this teaser, Digital Chat Station has predicted that the Redmi K40 Pro could be the device the company official has teased and it could very well be powered by the upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 5G mobile platform.

The tipster also claims that the Redmi K40 Pro will feature a full-screen, support for fast charging, and a large camera sensor. However, there’s no mention of the display type, the wattage, and the camera resolution. Well, it is too early to speculate on these things anyway, so we might have to wait a little longer to receive some concrete specifications of the purported Redmi K40 Pro smartphone.

Redmi K40 Pro
The key specifications of the device are being speculated already, but things will need time to be clearer.

For now, this is all that we have on the upcoming Redmi K40 Pro, but since the rumors and teasers have already begun, we can expect to hear more on the same in the coming days. Whenever we do, we will keep you posted on the same. What are your thoughts on the upcoming Redmi K40 Pro smartphone? What all features would you want to see in it? Do let us know in the comments section below.