Samsung Galaxy M41 to be Powered by Massive 6800mAh Battery, Gets Certified by 3C, Safety Korea

The Samsung Galaxy M41 isn't dead yet. A new battery - likely that of the M41 has recently appeared on several certifications platforms


The Samsung Galaxy M40 that was released last year was an interesting device. It was somewhat different from its other M-Series brethren in several aspects. For example, the phone featured a punch-hole camera at the front and came powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 chipset – a rather unusual choice compared to the Exynos 7904 SoC that the M30 came with. However, the display used on the device was a TFT LCD panel, which wasn’t as good as the AMOLED panels on the other M Series devices. While there was a talk about a successor, the M40 (called the Samsung Galaxy M41) since late 2019, Samsung did not release another M4X device since then. Recently, there were also reports about the likelihood that Samsung has canceled the M41. Today, however, we have come across details about a Lithium-ion battery that appears to belong to the Samsung Galaxy M41 thanks to a 3C certification document. An image of the battery has also appeared on the Safety Korea website.

Take a look at the 3C certification image below.

Galaxy M41 Battery 3C

From the image, it is clear that the battery bears the model number EB-BM415ABY and that it is manufactured by a Chinese company called Ningde Amperex Technology Limited. What is interesting, however, is the massive 6800mAh capacity of the battery, which makes it one of the largest batteries ever on a smartphone. Note that even though the rated capacity is 6800 mAh, at launch, Samsung could market this as a 7000mAH battery. The image of the battery has also surfaced on the website of Safety Korea.

Here it is below

The revival of the M41 does come as a surprise to most of us, and this could mean that this smartphone is still in the reckoning as far as Samsung is concerned. What remains to be seen is if Samsung has plans to launch this phone in the near future. While an appearance on 3C generally indicates that the launch is pretty close, in this instance, only a single hardware component of the device has made its appearance there. Anyway, let us wait and watch how this story pans out!