MSP Tech Pods: Dell’s Pujan Chadha Talks About What Makes Gaming Laptop Special

Mr. Pujan Chadha from Dell talks about how gaming is a special part of Dell's laptop portfolio in the latest episode of MSP Tech Pods.


A couple of weeks ago, we had Raj Kumar Rishi from Dell Technologies talk about the PC landscape in India. Today, in the latest episode of MSP Tech Pods, we have managed to interact with someone from Dell who focuses on a fast-growing space in the country. You may have guessed it right – we are talking about gaming – and we managed to talk to Mr. Pujan Chadha, Director of Product Marketing, Consumer and Small Business, India, Dell Technologies. He talks about the gaming industry and how Dell is contributing to it. Without any further ado, let’s check out the key takeaways from the latest episode of MSP Tech Pods.

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How is Gaming Different from Other Brands in Dell’s Portfolio?

Dell has a different portfolio of laptops for different use cases. XPS laptops have a perfect balance of beauty and power, Inspiron is for business or educational purposes, whereas Alienware is suited for hardcore gaming. We asked Pujan how they look at the gaming portfolio when compared to any other series.

He says that more consumers are now shifting towards mobile PC gaming. The company believes that mobile PC gaming is here to stay and grow further in the upcoming years. There is a thin line between gamers, professional gamers, and content creators. That’s exactly where Alienware comes into play, for it is equipped with the latest and greatest tech so that users get an excellent experience in the premium category. A gamer can easily carry it and play wherever he or she wants.

How Does Dell Decide the USPs of its Gaming Laptop?

It is hard to think about a specific feature or USP that is going to headline your product. We asked Pujan on how he came up with a feature that he thinks will dominate a specific gaming laptop. Pujan says making of a product includes three phases:

  1. Concept – Where they start talking about a product.
  2. Launching of a product – Official launch of product so that consumers can buy and use it.
  3. Sustaining of a product – Keep updating the product so that it meets its end of life.

To decide what feature will headline a specific product, Dell reaches out to gamers, influencers, creators, and tech experts to know what the current trend is and what can be added to elevate a consumer’s experience. Giving an example, Pujan says earlier the laptop screens used to be in 16:9 ratio. Today, using customer feedback, Dell has started giving a better aspect ratio.

What’s In Store for Dell Alienware Gaming Laptops?

The Dell Alienware gaming laptops lineup comes where a consumer needs a portable laptop with the latest and premium technology. Upon asking about Dell’s plan to expand Alienware in India in 2024, Pujan replied that Dell keeps evolving the Alienware series and that consumers will see the latest and greatest technology coming to Alienware laptops each year. In the next six months, Pujan and team plan to elevate the user experience for those looking to buy Alienware and refresh the whole lineup.

Pujan’s numerous mentions of Alienware convince us that Dell is seeing a lot of action in the gaming segment, and it will capitalise on that further to make itself as a go-to choice among gamers.