MWC 2024: OPPO Air Glass 3 Prototype Powered By AndesGPT Showcased

  • OPPO Air Glass 3 is powered by AI and uses OPPO’s proprietary language model.
  • There’s no word on whether or not the smart glasses will be launched commercially.

The OPPO Air Glass 3 prototype has been unveiled at the MWC 2024. With a design resembling regular glasses, the new Air Glass 3 comes with the goodness of AI. According to the OPPO announcement, these glasses also come with OPPO’s AndesGPT LLM integration. Let’s take a look at the OPPO Air 3 and its features.

OPPO Air Glass 3 Looks Like Ray-Ban Meta Glasses

The OPPO Air Glass 3 takes the concept of the Google Glasses and Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses and pushes the limited further. The main highlight of the OPPO Air Glass 3 is that it can connect to an OPPO smartphone running ColorOS 13 or newer to access AndesGPT. It means the new glasses can interpret complex user scenarios using text, images, video, and audio. Users can simply tap on the temple to activate the AI voice assistant.

The Air 3 glasses also support basic features like music playback, information display, voice calls, and more. OPPO has announced that the Air 3 Glass will receive other features like navigation, teleprompter, quick health/fitness information preview, and more via software updates.

OPPO Air Glass 3 with AndesGPT prototype showcased at MWC 2024.
OPPO Air Glass 3 with AndesGPT prototype showcased at MWC 2024.

As for the design, the OPPO Air Glass 3 weighs 50g and measures 164.84 x 164 x 48.4mm. The AR glass is constructed using a magnesium-lithium alloy frame and PA nylon temple. The brand has also announced optical lenses for those who wear prescription glasses.

OPPO has claimed that the Air Glass 3 uses a proprietary resin waveguide lens, which has a refractive index of 1.7. It eliminates rainbow effects and offers over 1,000 nits of peak brightness with a display brightness uniformity of over 50%. These specifications ensure that the Air Glass 3 offers a regular glass-wearing experience while still offering a colour display with automatic brightness adjustments.

However, the company has only showcased a prototype at the MWC 2024, which means the device is not been commercially launched yet. OPPO has launched Air Glass and Air Glass 2 in the past, but they were China-exclusive.