New Ghost Recon Game Reportedly in the Works as Ubisoft Confirms More NFT Integration in Games Incoming

There may be more Ghost Recon coming in the near future.


Ubisoft recently announced that they are closing down active development on Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, although servers for both Breakpoint and its predecessor, Wildlands, will still be live. The 2019 game received several major updates from Ubisoft, including a Sam Fisher expansion, but the game recently kicked up a storm of controversy once Ubisoft announced its NFT platform, Quartz, will be integrated into the game.

Following the backlash to the announcement, Ubisoft sort of backpedalled their NFT integration in the game but that wasn’t the end of the franchise’s problems. Ubisoft recently announced Ghost Recon: Frontline, a free-to-play battle royale, which was received rather negatively by the community at large.

Now, according to Kotaku, Ubisoft may be working on a new Ghost Recon title that is not Frontline. The new game is reportedly codenamed ‘OVER’ and was mentioned in the famous Nvidia GFN leaks earlier last year.

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Ubisoft May be Working on a New Ghost Recon Game

The Ghost Recon franchise has its roots in the games industry and was responsible for some of the most innovative games of the 2000s, featuring tactical combat elements not present in most games of the era.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands, the 2017 release, marked a return for the franchise after having been once since the release of Future Soldier back in 2012. The game received mixed reviews but the game well enough to warrant a sequel.

2019’s Breakpoint got off to a rocky start as the game was missing many of the features that made Wildlands fun and had a serious bug problem. Over time, the game did get better, but it failed to reach the highs that players might have hoped for and even with its expansions, Breakpoint never did become the talk of the town.

Ubisoft seems to be growing back to the drawing board with the franchise at the time as it was clear that the community wasn’t exactly thrilled with the free-to-play, battle royale direction that the franchise was heading in. It will be interesting to see what Ubisoft has in store and what they plan to do with Quartz in the future.