[Exclusive] OnePlus Nord 2 Explodes Again, This Time Inside a Lawyer’s Black Robe; Company Responds [UPDATE]

The victim said he will take OnePlus to court and seek a ban on the sale of the Nord 2 in India.

OnePlus Nord 2 explodes

Update: Our reporter, Rohan Pal, visited Mr. Gulati to check the affected OnePlus Nord 2 and has captured pictures using his smartphone to double check the veracity of Gulati’s claims. Attached are the pictures for proof. He further learnt that Gulati hasn’t filed an FIR against the company yet and intends to do so on 11th September, Saturday. We will keep our readers updated on the progress.

Original story as follows..

OnePlus Nord 2, the company’s latest premium mid-range smartphone, is in the news again. A Twitter user named Gaurav Gulati claims that his Nord 2 caught fire and later exploded while the device was resting idle. This is the second reported incident where a Nord 2 smartphone was allegedly involved in a blast.

Images shared by Gulati reveal that the device is completely damaged from the front and back. When MySmartPrice reached out, Gulati confirmed that the phone was in his black lawyer’s robe when he felt something hot in his pocket. Moments later, Gulati threw his robe away after seeing smoke come out of the device. The phone later caught on fire and exploded inside an air-conditioned court chamber, Gulati added.

The victim further clarified that the device was not on charge. He confirmed with MySmartPrice that the phone had about 90 per cent of battery left and was not being used before the incident occurred. Following the tweet, OnePlus reached out to Gulati, asking him to submit the device. However, Gulati said he will take the legal route and submit the device to the police by filing an official complaint against OnePlus India.

In addition, the Delhi-based advocate said he will also complain to the consumer court and bring an injunction to block the sale of the phone in India. Gulati, during his conversation with MySmartPrice, said he has suffered injuries around the stomach area. “They (OnePlus) were quite insensitive to injuries and trauma I have suffered,” Gulati said.

What did OnePlus say?

OnePlus officials got in touch with Gulati after he shared the images on social media and via Twitter DM. The company not only assured assistance but also offered to compensate Gulati. The victim refused to accept the compensation. “What is the worth of life of a person if he died by leaving his survivors. It is worthless. We have already decided to file damages against the company in the court of law. If they are ready to compensate, they can make a written agreement in the public domain or we will pursue as per law and ask them to discontinue the device OnePlus Nord 2 5G with immediate effect,” Gulati told MySmartPrice.

Corrigendum: In our initial report, we’d stated that OnePlus offered to compensate Gulati as per his statement. However, that is incorrect. And, as per their official statement, OnePlus has confirmed it hasn’t offered any compensation and the company intends to investigate the claim first.

Gulati firmly believes that OnePlus is running away from its liabilities and making fake accusations to cover the fault. Not only does he demand a ban of the sale but also wants OnePlus to recall the sold units for inspection.

We also reached out to OnePlus India following the incident. The company stated that the individual refused to hand over the device for further diagnosis. “Last evening, an individual notified us about an alleged blast case for the OnePlus Nord 2 on Twitter, and our team immediately reached out to this individual to verify the legitimacy of the claim. We take every claim such as this very seriously out of concern for user safety. However, despite multiple attempts to analyse the device, including a visit to the premises earlier today to examine it in the individual’s presence, he has so far denied us the opportunity to perform a proper diagnosis. Under such circumstances, it is impossible for us to verify the legitimacy of this claim or address this individual’s demands for compensation.”

Two more incidents were reported previously. However, the second reported case turned out to be fake. OnePlus issued a statement saying that this alleged case was false and in no way involved any OnePlus product.

In the first reported case of the Nord 2 exploding, the company said that the damage was caused by an isolated incident involving external factors and not due to any manufacturing or product issue. The company further stated that it will support the consumer and address their concerns. 

In continuation, OnePlus said that its products undergo “thorough quality and safety tests, including various levels of pressure and impact tests, to ensure they are up to industry-leading standards and remain safe to use.”

We are following the current OnePlus Nord 2 catching on fire story closely and are in touch with Gulati as well. We shall update the story where there’s a new development.

Reporting by Shubham Dutt and Rohan Pal

OnePlus Nord 2 Explodes Again: All You Need to Know

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  1. I have purchased one above Nord2 recently. But on seeing the above incident I haven’t opened the box so far. Let the company clarify their position first.

  2. I bought one plus Nord 2 and one plus buds z and the phone heats up even on moderate usage. And earbuds stop functioning. Fraud company. Please take your products return back my hard earned money.

  3. Iam using nord2 full satisfied.super phone.performance super.charging 30minutes full.not heating.cameras super.total super

  4. I also have Nord 2 and it does heat while charging and on normal use. Now after this news I kept my Nord 2 on switch off. I’m not using this phone now. need assistance

  5. Better let Oneplus examine defected product under owner’s and police’s presence, maybe other phone expert’s presence also. If Oneplus can’t take a look on this unit, root cause will just remain unknown and other people may get hurt.
    You want them to take action? Let them have the chance to know what went wrong, they won’t take action with just your photos.

  6. Let the company examine it under owner’s and police’s presence. How can Oneplus discover what went wrong and decide their next action to protect other customers if the owner won’t let them examine defected product. Leave it to the police, they will just throw it in evidence room and other people may get hurt later.

  7. So satisfying to see.. finally OnePlus destruction started revealing its true colours.
    Karma!!! Its a payback time OnePlus.. Some how you frauds survived all these years. I have suffered with your OnePlus X-Display issue-No service offered because device was EOL when it was in Warranty and in return you offered a mere 6k coupon to buy another OnePlus shit.. Last year like a jackass again I bought OnePlus8t WiFi calling and software optimisation sucked big time. Sold it off within 6 months. OnePlusFraudsters are just good at creating the hype and they collect the premium for that.. I wish OnePlus royally get screwed finally.. its Karma time you fraudsters..

  8. Seriously I want to say one plus in past I am very proud one+ but this incidents I don’t tolerated it .. soo please viewers don’t do any more rumours of one plus .. Do a viewers you told himself in your relationship don’t told them any more very risk no. Safety … And you get to set a status on this site please ……
    In past I rate one+ 5 ratings this is a 3 incidents in one+ today I ratings -1 🙏 💰waste in affordable price range phone is best #asus or #realme. There are no any case..

  9. I have been a user of OnePlus 6t and till this day it has never overheated..I am currently using OnePlus 9r and it’s working great..yeah your mobile will definitely heat up while charging and taking into consideration it’s 65 wat…but all I can say OnePlus smartphones are the best as compared to vivo oppo redmi…and regarding this fool trying to defame a good brand he should be charged with defamation..

  10. One Plus should seriously take this situation in to concern and call back the defective batch of phones.
    I’m using Nord 2 Grey Sierra since past 4 weeks, but haven’t faced any over heating issue while using nor while charging. So I feel it’s an issue with a particular batch of supply. Even then, I hope company should thoroughly investigate the situation and should find out what really happened.
    Also I wonder when in the recent months so many other brands like Oppo A53 , Realme XT and even Samsung S21 have exploded, that news didn’t caught much attention but when this happened to Nord 2, it’s more like an evolving campaign now!!

  11. This should be looked seriously because when samsung’s phone got blasted they called all their phones back and repaired them, if there is a problem in nord 2 then they should be called back or further sales of nord 2 should be stopped immediately

  12. I bought node2 last month, this phone has heating issue and battery run out very frequently.
    My usage is very less , I use my phone only for call , msg, video call and some time YouTube.
    After Mr Gulati’s incident, l am scared that my phone may not even burn.
    Company has to come forward and call it back the sold phones.
    Indian are not the testing lab.

  13. This is fake I am using OnePlus nord 2 last 2 months I have no issue with the device working fine playing heavy games no problem, camera no problem software no problem I am happy with Nord 2.

  14. I don’t understand dono cases me phone pr back case protection kisi ne nhi lagaya akhir saabit kya krna chahte hai ye ki jo phn blast hua bo OnePlus he h 🤔

  15. Disappointed, unexpected from One plus means it’s a big brand now but if someone buy mobile, it’s not necessary to go with that. We chose brand because of trust but now this time no any imagination.

    So i think we can go for low budget with healthy phone.

  16. take to court? Oneplus has money. They will get the best lawyers. Anyway, all processors produce heat when working. Even computer pc processors heating, thats why fans are used.

  17. Why can’t the company recall it’s products, knowing the fact that they are defective. Its a serious health hazard. The same is with their buds. They stop functioning, the company should recall such defective products. They are cheating public at large. When large car companies can recall their products,why not a phone company. I am surprised no legal action has been initiated till now.

    • Oneplus nord is cheap phone. Why would lawyer use that? And phone in pocket of court suit? Was he waiting really important call? Sounds shady. Anyways if there is real problems, than it should be investicated.

  18. OnePlus cheated the Indian customers.
    I have raised complaint wand following up to oneplus customer care since May 2021, but no resolution have been provided for oneplus 9r.
    I am facing below issues:
    1.Slow charging with Original 65w charger.
    2. Network issue.
    3. Device Heating
    Mr Gulati has take right steps to teach lesson to OnePlus.

  19. I bought a NORD CE 5G, on 21st June 2021, It has a HANG issue, I sent it to the ONE PLUS service center twice and both times it was returned sayin there was no issue with the device.
    The second it was returned to me,the device started to ‘BLACKOUT’.
    Called the CUSTOMER CARE only to a ‘SORRY’.

  20. We have also observed Heating issue and slow response. OnePlus support team downgraded the software (Android) and told us that it’s not their problem. It’s a software issue..

  21. It is correct for the victim to not give the device to one plus for inspection as they could manipulate the data.

  22. This is india…. Testings are done on us….yea…rules here are only that much..Even we are Humans. Please consider that .

    • how you come to the conclusion that this is fake incident ।।। are you in mobile selling industry and maintain a good stock for the same model and fearing loss of customers or somehow associated with the marketing of one plus brand mobile phones ।।

  23. my nord 2 overheats while charging and during normal usage. Now I am concerned about the device. Need immediate assistance from oneplus device

  24. Even my nord 2 overheats while charging and during normal usage. Now I am really concerned about the device. Need immediate assistance from oneplus device

  25. Even my nord 2 overheats while charging and during normal usage. Now I am really concerned about the device. Need immediate assistance from oneplu

  26. Iam using 1+ Nord since last 2 months .
    It’s very delay respond some times automatically open AAP’s and other settings when iam on call .

  27. What the hack. Oneplus overheats while charging, overheats while normal usage, blasts without any reason. I will never buy one plus..

  28. Shame on one plus. There sales staff & management is so arrogant. They make false promises. I was given a faulty product & they refuse to entertain return the same day asking me to go through the complaint process & thereby they will check & repair the same. Even the GM sales doesn’t keep his promise of replacement & misguided me to keep it for a couple of days before filing a complaint. They’re a fraud.,

  29. All these mobile companies and telecom operators take indian users for a ride ,try doing this in Europe,US or UK they will be dragged to there knees ,problem is there is no law to control them

  30. Same here my nord 2 gets heated fast while charging and while on calls ,now will have to go at service center to see the issues

  31. i prefer apple over oneplus now ! the days of oneplus are gone bro and these are the reasons why apple will always lead the industry.

  32. I own a OnePlus Nord CE 5G, but I am also concerned on this, they should recall the devices and ban the sales till the issue is fixed

  33. Never use OnePlus Nord series and 9series phone, there is a serious issue, which Cannot handle by OnePlus, there is no after sale service, once you place the order you placed, they will never replace the product or understand customers situation,and there is no replacement policy mentioned on the website, then why we are going to this product, why should we risk our life to buy this Atom bomb 😡😡 They don’t have any concern with there customers. I have decided and will never buy one Plus product and will never recommend to my Friends and Family to buy this product. Not Worth 🤬🤬

  34. My OnePlus Nord 2 is also getting overheat .I need my money back OnePlus .
    Boycot OnePlus in INDIA. 🙁
    I have oneplus

  35. Even my one plus Nord 2 has heating issue….specially during charging time and sometimes when camera is ON even for not more than 2-3 minutes

  36. OnePlus aint idiots right… They wont sell a bomb… They know it will effect their marketing… Its just my opinion

  37. All fake now I have Nord… Smartphone mobile it doesn’t happen any thing uh it is not true I know Google sends the news but the news are all fake Google said that Yesterday A asteroid will hit earth it doesn’t happen again uh oh Does Google know everything Good knows everything will happen all fake news I don’t care about this🙄😶😑😒👼🙅

  38. I had bought OnePlus Nord2 for my wife but returned it back to Amazon after 3 days of use as it was overheating and apps were crashing. I made the right choice.

  39. If they just spent more time on testing rather than its soooo biigggg launch event maybe it could’ve been prevented

  40. I am really concerned about it because I am also using OnePlus Nord 2 last 45 days…I am facing the same overhearing problem when it is on the charge mode. I need a assistant from OnePlus for diagnosis

  41. I think this lawyer Gaurav Gulati Should be investigated, from the past few days his name in many pil and controversy, he has file fir against carryminati before that filed fir against celebs. something is fishy with this lawyer

  42. It’s probably the Soc. Why are they using Mediatek soc. That’s just plain shit when considering a long run. Qualcomm has 5G modem. There’s alot of models with Mediatek Soc releasing since 2020 Q3

  43. If phone have a lots of issue and exploided so one plus team collect all sell Nord 2 phone and refund and check all issues and again launch this phone with best quality and solve all issues

  44. I m buy OnePlus 9 pro 5G last month ..same problem over heat my device..n camera was not working 🥺 I m disappointed with OnePlus …bad experience 😒 don’t buy this phone guys totally west of money

  45. I am also the user of oneplus nord2.Getting scared to keep this phone near me… Whenever it is warm.. Am getting a thought that it will blast…
    Please help one this what can be done.. I was using oneplus 3T also earlier… Am a fan of oneplus but this incident scaring me to use this phone.

  46. I also have nord2,and it’s overheat, when I contact to them they said this is the first complain of nord2…..and asked me leave my device for 3days…… I’m a student and without device I can’t do anything my classes,exam etc…when we are paying 30k we expect to get a really good device but OnePlus is giving us this……I request OnePlus to return all their nord2 from the market

  47. On bottom two there were supposed to be a flash light right? But how comes 2 camera on bottom? Is that really nord 2?

  48. On bottom two there were supposed to be a flash light right? But how comes 2 camera on bottom? Is that really nord 2 ?

  49. Great, reading this on my newly unboxed OnePlus Nord 2. It came today only and after 4 hours, reading this. 🙃

  50. Even my oneplus 6t exploded when I complaint to service center in MG road Bangalore they said reason that it was because of u have changed the back case.

  51. Am also using “Oneplus nord2” from a month.. Now am also scared to keep this phone near. Not sure what to do with this phone, still am paying EMI for the same phone took from Amazon.

  52. I am the first time user of the One plus model. We r thinking out how to come out from this situation.
    This is the 3rd incident we r hearing & no measures have taken by company sofar.
    Weather, one plus will take any corrective measures to lick the Q issues?
    They should not wait for reporting incidents & look / analyse the manufacturing process.

  53. My phone Nord 2 also getting heated up while using / charging
    I am the first time user of the One plus model. We r thinking out how to come out from this situation.
    This is the 3rd incident we r hearing & no measures have taken by company sofar.
    Weather, one plus will take any corrective measures to lick the Q issues?
    They should not wait for reporting incidents & look / analyse the manufacturing process.

  54. This is what I observed, keep your camera on and keep it in your pant pocket, I observed a severe radiation or heat,please note
    I never installed any games on my Nord2, but when we kept this in pocket radiation are huge especially when camera app is on,

  55. I have also witnessed Nord 2 getting hot while charging and gaming so I am really worried about my phone kindly requesting #OnePlus to look into this matter.

  56. Yes True Because of Mediatek 1200 Dimensity Processor It Cannot Handle The 65W Power Charger But Snapdragon Can did it

  57. Can’t write off One+ just on the basis of these incidents. There must be proof established that the alleged issue was due to a manufacturing defect. It does not help the case by refusing access to investigation.

  58. I rcntly purchased oneplus9 pro and it is also heats a lot .sometimes it is impossible to talk on call due to heating issue and also so many software bugs.

  59. If it is true, then please one plus company take back my cell phone n compensate the selling price in which i purchased this cell phone. As my mobile is daily used by my child n i cnt risk my child’s life…. Please do it asap…

  60. I bought one plusnord 2 on 8th sep.. now fearing to use it… Need to return it immediately and need my money back. Can’t trust it anymore…

  61. Even my nord 2 overheats while charging and during normal usage. Now I am really concerned about the device. Need immediate assistance from oneplus.

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