OnePlus Renames Fnatic Mode To Pro Gaming Mode For All OnePlus Smartphones As Partnership Comes To An End

The Fnatic Mode was named as such because of a partnership between OnePlus and esports organisation Fnatic, which has now ended.


Smartphone maker OnePlus is renaming the gaming mode on its smartphones. Earlier called the Fnatic mode, the company is renaming the software to “Pro Gaming Mode”, which will be seen on its devices from hereon. The Fnatic Mode was named so because of a partnership between OnePlus and eSports organisation Fnatic, which has now ended. The feature began with the OnePlus 7, and brought the company at par with competitors like Samsung, which also have special gaming modes on their most powerful devices. It’s unclear whether the company will be renaming the mode in its older devices too, now that the partnership is over.

The change was first pointed out by Reddit user u/T1Az, who saw the change in the OxygenOS11 Open Beta 3 update, which is based on Android 11. XDA Developers reached out to OnePlus on the same, and received a confirmation about the end of the partnership.

Further, it’s not clear whether changing the name means there will be changes to the gaming mode’s performance and software too. When it launched, the company had offered an easter egg, where users could tap the Fnatic mode option in settings five times to unlock special Fnatic themed wallpapers. It’s unclear whether the Pro Gaming mode will come with similar options.

More importantly though, the Fnatic Mode actually meant OnePlus was tuning its devices for better gaming. Enabling the mode would make changes to its software to improve gaming experience, and it’s unclear whether any of this software was attached to the esports firm too. But as XDA points out, the partnership was a brand collaboration, so it’s unlikely that there will be any change to the phone’s performance.

“OnePlus’ partnership with Fnatic has come to its natural and mutual conclusion. Users of OnePlus devices who have enjoyed our Fnatic mode will continue to receive the same features and capabilities, but under a new Pro Gaming Mode name. The naming update will transition across devices starting from the 6 series. Fnatic has been a supportive partner to OnePlus, and we look forward to the opportunity to collaborate again in the future,” the company told XDA.